Saturday, October 6, 2007

counting the minutes.

I now have spent almost 8 hours at the library sitting behind the reference desk. I have had one person ask me to look up a book for them. I have answered one phone call. Mostly, I have been looking longingly out the window, watching the gorgeous fall day slip away without me in it. The light is just beautiful..buttery gold and slanting through leaves that are still greenly whispering, "not yet, not yet."

In 35 minutes, I will be on vacation with My Mike. We have a week's worth of nothing planned. Sleeping late with cats, long morning coffees, black and white movies in bed, hikes in the park, a picnic at a winery, maybe a museum or two...a rich togetherness in the fullness of autumn.

I'm lucky to have married the person I like most in the world.

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