Saturday, October 6, 2007

oh, la vache!

My friend fearsclave is looking for a new charity to give his money to because he has discovered that the United Way funds the Coalition for Gun Control, a Canadian anti-gun group.

Fearsclave, my favorite Canadian, is a lawyer, a hunter, a fisherman, a progressive and a gun nut. He has a made lovely life in rural Ontario, and is kind enough to let us all live vicariously through him by writing about it in his blog.


comatus said...

Well, here you go:

The Millenium Fund of the Dominion of Canada Rifle Association.

I choked back laughter & tears to see people recommending UN agencies as alternatives to an anti-gun bias. Gracious.

triticale said...

And don't let United Way tell you that you can "designate" which participating charity gets your money. Its a shell game. Your money goes where you designate, and more of everyone else's goes where you don't want yours going to balance it.