Thursday, October 11, 2007

czech, please!

There's a new place around the corner from us called Hrusa's Authentic Czech Carry-out. Neither of us have ever had Czech food, so naturally we had to try it.

We both ordered the čevapčiči, mostly for the name. It came with either a salad or the soup of the day (which was chicken liver dumpling...I'll have salad, please!), a choice of spaetzles or mashed potatoes, and coleslaw. The owner was really nice and included a cup of their cucumber and tomato salad, gratis. We found it very much like a homemade pickle. The čevapčiči are like little sausages or mini meatloafs, served with a tartar sauce type condiment - delicious! We ate our little eastern European picnic, sitting on the edge of the fountain in the park, in the sunshine, watching the world go by.

We are now trying to devise a plan so that we can live our lives this way everyday.

1 comment:

Weer'd Beard said...

Liver is one of the few foods I will not eat.

and if you've seen what I WILL eat, that's saying somthing