Saturday, October 27, 2007

Gun show!!

We went to the gun show today looking for deals on ammo and 9mms. I walked the aisles more confidently this time than my last...I know what I am looking for, I am now comfortable handling firearms and when the old gunnie guys ask if I can rack the slide? No problem!

I smirked and raised the eyebrow of doom at one man who told me that a certain gun was "too much for a girl my size" (he later said, "No offense") and I made one man laugh because when I was handed a Walther P22 I said, "It feels nice, but really, I want something bigger." (typing that out just now, I suddenly realize how naughty that must have sounded. Oops!)

Anyway, I fondled a lot of guns and just based on weight (I like a little heavier pistol, it feels sturdier and absorbs more recoil) and on how it feels in my hand, I think I may have found my gun:
Maybe. I so wish I could try before I buy. Purchasing a gun without firing it seems like buying a car without test-driving. It doesn't make sense to me.

But I like this pistol a lot. I like that it comes with two different sized magazines, has a comfy rubber grip and that it seems easy to clean.

I also saw one of these:
and it was darn near irresistible.


Victoria Gothic said...

I understand you want of a larger weapon, but think of this. With a .45 I'm only able to put about 3-4 rounds of a 8 round clip in a target when firing fast, but with a colt .38, I can get almost all of them in the hit zone. So which is more effective? A few really big bullets; or a lot of only kinda big bullets that are still high velocity bits of metal?

Sevesteen said...

We had "girl gun" problems when my wife was looking for a carry gun--Salesman wanted to show us nothing but 38's and medium frame .380's even though we told him my wife had been shooting a .40, would prefer to stay with .40 and wasn't interested in anything smaller than a 9mm. He'd show a particular unladylike gun if we said "that one", but wouldn't volunteer anything

comatus said...

I'm with you on the weight/recoil thing. Above .22, little gun often=nasty gun. Do you read Gun Digest? I like it, and I think they just went to distribution through periodicals agencies and gun shops. Don't suppose they'd get it at the ~library~ would they?

.38 Super (semi-auto) is respected among action and combat shooters I've met. There's also an auto .357 (Sig is now SigSauer again). It's funny: the ancient debate between 38(too light) & 45(too punchy), expanded to go out to 32Mag and 50AE, seems to have resolved around .40, that feels like an awful hot 9, vs. 10mm, a govt-sissy .45. But--that debate is not over, not by a long shot.

Don't those guys at the range ask you to try their pistols? They get Bonus Points if they do...

Weer'd Beard said...

If you buy used and then run a few boxes through it and relize you don't like it you SHOULD be able to get almost all of your money back (given that you got a good deal on it in the first place) The only thing you'll need to be able to do is sell it privatly as a gunshop will charge you (rightfully) for the space in the used case.

That is a neat little gun. My only complaint is for a carry gun I prefer a manual safety and a single action trigger, OR no manual safeties at all and a double action trigger/decocker.

Seems like belt and suspenders all keeping the gun from going bang when I ask it to.

Just IMHO of course

anger hangover said...

After trying all shapes and sizes of semi-autos, I bought a 9mm SIG P226 about a year ago. It's impossibly smooth with almost no recoil. So far my SIG has been worth every penny. Of course, guns are like jeans in that you have to find the right fit. I can't hit anything with a Glock.

Breda said...

Comatus - our library has a subscription to Guns & Ammo. Surprising, all things considered.

The guys at the range all let me shoot their guns, yes. They're a sweet bunch.

No pink gun joke? I'm disappointed.

DirtCrashr said...

I think the little pink one is like jewelery, get it just because you feel liek it. Missed the San Jose gunshow this weekend, I was cleaning my guns. Saw a nice Hi-Power in .40 at a shop, and a nice Mid 90's 686-3 2-1/2" .357 for the same price - sure was purty and silvery...

comatus said...

dirt, thanks for the greatest setup line anyone could ask for. Herewith, the single manliest, most sexist, studly, OMG comment that had better ever appear here:

I really like the 686 in .357.
I bought one for my sister.

(True.) Folks, I write my own material and I'll be here all week, or until Breda raises her standards.

Breda. Darlin'. There is a gun named after you and you don't have one, just because it's 8mm, obsolete, Italian, and a machine gun? You are one extreme model of self-control.

Obligatory pink gun joke: Just find one that goes with your purse. A rattle-can of Krylon will take care of the rest.