Friday, October 26, 2007

other shooty stuff...

While I was at the range yesterday, the Ruger Mark II got jammed and I had to call in Jim, the guy on staff, to come fix it for me. I was griping about the jam because I was totally in the zone and shooting fairly well. Jim looked down the lane at my target and said, "Have you ever thought of joining our .22 league? It meets on Tuesday nights."

I told him that I didn't realize that there was a league, and wondered if I'd be good enough to join. He said, "If you can shoot like that at 50 feet, you would be." (I'd been shooting at about 25-30 feet)

I asked Jim if there were any other girls on the league and he said with a grin, "Nope." I also learned that there is a trophy involved.

So, considering that I enjoy a challenge and that the only other trophy I've ever won was for the spelling bee in 8th grade, I think I'm going to start practicing.


BobG said...

Show them how to "shoot like a girl" and win a trophy.

Breda said...

Bob - I even have a mantel for it!!

Lydia said...

trophy's are fun...and you would be even more of a trophy wife.

comatus said...

Ooo Lydia, that was gooood.

Breda, don't believe those river-boat gamblers: you DO get to use a bigger target at 50 feet. You get them scared, they'll try anything.

Anonymous said...

Here's an exercise you can show others, and claim credit: shoot the .22, then the .38- *then shoot the .22 again*. Examine your response.

triticale said...

Especially given that you are, as previously discussed, living in Little Sure Shot's home territory, you should learn to sing "Anything You Can Do, I can Do Better".

Less said...

GO for it!!

Are you kidding? This is a great experience: Where else can you go, get help, shoot regularly (thus making it a habit), try out new equipment, and potentially win $$/guns/prizes??

I saw my skill easily double once I started shooting matches!

Embrace the unknown and dive in!!