Friday, October 5, 2007

Tabby, the world's furriest firearms instructor.

This photo would make a perfect LOL cat.

The cat seems to be saying,
"Mah ammohz...let me show you them."

However, I doubt that the photo would ever make the site.

I like to think that cats approve of firearms...
they were the originators of concealed carry, after all.

(thanks to the Archangel Mychael for the photo)


Michael said...

Polly Kittan! She's famous now. :)

Breda said...

Polly is beautiful! Give her a hug from me.

Anonymous said...

When gunz iz M T, I hurlz the Coke can!

triticale said...

There was a thug dog down the street where I grew up which never bothered anyone after discovering that my cat's furry paws concealed a set of nose-slashing blades.

Self-defense is a feline right.