Sunday, November 18, 2007


Sunday was preceded by Saturday night. There was beer, a loud band, a strange little zoot suited man (not entirely sure he was from this dimension, he was Ever see Men in Black? Aliens just barely passing as human...something not. quite. right. but you just can't put your finger on what? Like that, he was.), and forgotten Advil.

Nothing so humbling than to have to wake your husband at o'dark thirty to ask for the hot water bottle and have him do not only that but rub your back too. Gah, womanhood. (but hooray for being married to a good man.)

So I'm tucking myself into bed with a cup of tea, my purring clowder and a few episodes of Firefly. Monday is hurrying on its way.

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HeartOfAWarrior said...

*careful huggles* Some days, it definitely sucks being a chick. But, yay for Firefly as a distraction :-D