Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Box O'Truth tests the bullet stopping power of books. (bought at the library!) Follow the pages until the end.


comatus said...

by god I'll never buy a paperback again. And what about the Kevlar slipcovers? What's a libarian have to do to get a comprehensive review--subscribe to Books & Ammo?

---- said...

Breda - I've quit my blog. . for a couple of reasons. .personal. . and a lot of heartache involved.

I'll still keep reading and you will still see some commenting.

I'm not going to quit writing. . just not going to do it in a blog.

I don't know if you are friends with Dr. Z at W.T.C. Since you are both in CLE and in the academic circles. If you do. . he has my email addy if you want to keep in touch.

Best to you

Breda said...

Scully - You will be deeply missed. I hope you remember to be kind to yourself as you go through whatever it is that is happening in your life. I wish you well.

I don't know of Dr. Z or of W.T.C - but if you'd like to email me, I can be contacted here: bredafallacy AT gmail DOT com

Stay safe.

Kevin said...

Not fair, Scully! NOT FAIR!

Unix-Jedi said...

Aw...... poop.

Very, very sorry to hear of the deletion. Particularly since I was headed there tonight to forward a few things to some friends.

Let me echo Kevin: NOT FAIR!


Anonymous said...

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