Saturday, November 17, 2007


(continuing my Chicks With Guns series.)

Monica and I work together at the library. Having just recently received her master's degree in library science, she has the thankless task of collection development and program planning for our young adult patrons. I had the job before her and was burned out in less than a year. She seems to be doing well, with far more grace and patience than I ever had. Teenagers are a tough crowd...but underneath that quiet, pretty exterior Monica has more than enough mettle to match them.

Monica met us at the range today, looking a little nervous. (Jimmy, the range manager, said to me, "You brought another one? I'm a little afraid to go to the library now.") I let her handle all the pistols before they were loaded so she could feel what they were like since she had never handled a firearm before. I helped her with her grip, showed her how to load, put the gun in her hand and said, "Now. You're ready. Loaded. Aim and shoot."

And she did.
(all photos enlarge with a click)

Monica learned the difference between .22 and .38 calibers, double and single action, revolver and automatic, even steel sights vs laser. Her expression of sheer surprise when she felt the recoil and the power behind the .357 magnum made us all laugh. She bravely shot it one time, then put the gun down and said, "Well, that's enough of that." She said her favorite was the .22 revolver, and using the single action she's a really decent shot.

Here she is, posing with it for fun (trigger discipline and all)
(note: Every girl I introduce to shooting gets that same smile. )

After some rapid-fire with the Ruger Mk II, Monica said, "This is fun!" Here she shows her silhouette. Great job for a first time to the range!

While we were packing up to leave, Monica offered us money for the ammunition we had used. I declined and told her that no, no, the first time is always on me. She promised that next time she'll buy the ammo. Yes, that's right...NEXT TIME.


Kevin said...

"This is fun!"

The three words the people who want to disarm us fear the most.

Good job, Breda!!

comatus said...

...and another recruit for Breda's private Bonus Point army.

Welcome to the Late Fees Desk of horrible.screamng.death.

Owldaughter said...

If I lived anywhere near you I would *so* be making a date to go to the range and have you teach me the basics!

BobG said...

I don't think I've ever met anyone who doesn't enjoy shooting the Ruger semi-auto.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Breda!! You're awesome!!!

Xavier said...

Great job Breda!

Jared McLaughlin said...

I'd have to say this lines up with my experiences. Every time I introduce someone new to shooting, they get hooked. It's just fun.

That and it seems that women are physically built better for precision shooting. That could just be my perception, but they seem to start off well the first time.I believe it has something to do with generally better fine motor control.

Jonathan said...
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