Wednesday, November 14, 2007


I made brownies today. Not just any brownies but the best brownies from a package that you can make. I have serious doubts as to whether homemade, from scratch brownies could be any better than these, despite my serious skills in the kitchen. They are rich, fudgey, dense and very chocolaty. Perfect. Raised in a house where Hershey's Special Dark wasn't dark enough, I know brownies. There are tales of my mother gorging herself on an entire pan while she was pregnant with me.

The only thing that could possibly make them any better (besides handfuls of chocolate chips) would be this pan,
from The Bakers Edge. Two crispy chewy edges in each serving! How good would that be, right? (Christmas is coming. Hint, hint.)

Anyway, these perfect brownies are going to surprise you. They are fat-free (although using real butter to grease the pan may defeat the purpose) and so simple to make. All it takes is the package of brownie mix and one container of vanilla yogurt. Mix, bake, and mmmmmm, brownies.

And the secret?
No Pudge. No kidding!


comatus said...

You see how people are? Sure they read your recipes, but to comment, well that's just too involved. We'll go on all day about sex or ethics or shootin' irons, but food...that's awfully personal.

I have never deliberately bought a jar of 'yogourt' to eat outright, not once in my life. But it is a great ingredient. You can use it in place of sour cream or cream in [almost] anything.

I like to make salad dressings with it. But know what? It's damn hard anymore to find plain 'gurt. It all comes in personal-package sizes with wacky flavorings added. All those health nuts, no purity. My local has it, when they have it, in a quart tub. That's more salad dressing than I usually want to make. About one full garden season's worth, as I see it.

Breda said...

Hmm..Never considered yogurt as salad dressing. What do you add?

I've developed a love for that thick Greek yogurt. Plain, with honey.

comatus said...

Large grains (but not "corns") of black pepper, a dash of olive oil, tiny shavings of fresh garlic, and lots of itsy-bitsy chunks of blue cheese. Feta works, too.

Breda said...

That sounds delicious. I'm all for anything with blue cheese.

comatus said...

Och aye lass, you're a rare woman indeed.

Here's your meme: Let's all post our best blue cheese and Stilton stories. Ewwww.

Breda said...

I used to sneak into the fridge as a tiny wee thing (not like now) and steal the bleu while mom wasn't looking. I also drank the lemon juice. Straight.

Odd tastes.

skywriter said...

I have a box of no pudge and regularly make the single serving in a coffee cup (OK. . double serving). I think if I made a pan I'd eat the whole thing.

They are so good.