Thursday, November 29, 2007

God moves in mysterious ways.

As I near the 10,000th (!!!) visit to my blog, I'd like to stop and give thanks - to YOU.

...and what better way to show my appreciation for all of my readers and commenters than to give them something to make them smile?

beautiful and whimsical - if I could, I would wrap it up for you with a big red bow:

(make sure your sound is on)


Lydia said...

I intend to take credit for at least 1000 of those visits. I check your page in an OCD manner throughout my workday to keep from doing my actual job.

yanglerni said...

love the video...and i see that you love animals...and i love cats so much.

Tam said...

That was cool!

(...and indeed the very definition of whimsical.)

Gmac said...

Wow... that was beautiful.
Look for incoming ;p, some of my friends will like this too.

DirtCrashr said...

Looks a bit like Nebraska - the sky is a surreal Thomas Hart Benton color. My great uncle Oscar used to buy old empty farm houses way out on the prairie, and jack them up and roll a big truck underneath and move 'em into town to sell to people who didn't have a house but had a piece of land. His son the Sheriff helped. A couple of 'em were two-story houses.

comatus said...

dirt, I think we could 'save America's cities' if we could make the same moves today in reverse.

A major breakthrough in house-moving tech would decimate the real estate vending business.
Well, decimate it yet again.

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