Wednesday, November 7, 2007


To those ninnies that evacuate schools because of gun-cleaning kits and suspend little boys for doodling, I'd like to say:

(H/T to Rene Magritte)


Tam said...

I don't know which is more sad: That I grokked that immediately without need of the link, or that my first thought was "Ooh! A 3.5" 27 with a Tyler T-Grip!"

falnfenix said...

ok, i know i'm still not awake. i saw the title and wondered what wisteria had to do with guns. *snerks*

Weer'd Beard said...

""There was oil on it (the cleaning kit) so obviously it had been used," said Dr. Peter Traber, president of the medical school."

What what pants-shiting hysterics, and from a MEDICAL school.

I was scared enugh about Hilliary-Care, but now I'm concerned about what will be passing for Doctors in the next few years.

Here was another case of: I-Don't-Want-You-to-be-my-doctor

mike w. said...

I was going to blog about this but you beat me to it!

My 1st thoughts when I see these ridiculous PC hysterics are twofold.

1. What is wrong with these people?
2. What the heck are they teaching kids if they themselves are so incapable of rational thought?

comatus said...

Well duh. Of course "n'est pas un pistolet."

C'est un revolver.

'Oon Ray-vol-vay.'

Does Baylor have an art department?

Mike W. said...

"Does Baylor have an art department?"

Probably, but I'm sure drawing a gun is verboten.