Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Lady Jayne

Yep, she's at it again. And as a fun little bonus she has become a psychic medium!

I'm beginning to believe that this Jayne is a bit of a silly woman, what with her believing that guns just sprout legs and somehow run rampant, all on their very own. This tends to happen when you let those dead hairy British hippie free spirits possess your body. You never know what they've been smokin'.

I'll take you shooting, Jayne. That'll clear your head.

UPDATE: She seems to have a serious thing for Dr. Winston O'Boogie, aka her St. John. (she calls us cavemen, terrorists, and questions the Constitution - all in one post!) Put down the bong, sweetheart. No one takes you seriously anymore.


Rustmeister said...

Read her complete profile for a good chuckle.

"Intensity is in the eye of the beholder"


Sebastian said...

She knows that song is about shooting up right?

BobG said...

Sort of an arrogant, sanctimonious jackass, isn't she?

comatus said...

bob, I think I speak for all of us arrogant sanctimonious jackasses when I say I resent the comparison.

Weer'd Beard said...

And no comments section.

Standard MO.

DirtCrashr said...

What a retard. John Lennon is way overrated by the mediocre minds of his generation.