Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Whiskey, you're the devil

This from Sebastian just cracked me up. Oh no! A bar! Within eyesight of children!

This poor man would have an aneurysm if he visited Ireland and witnessed a typical traditional family outing. Pubs are a gathering place, a social club, a place to chat with friends and relax with a pint. Buy your kid a mineral and a bag of crisps, set them off to meet with their little friends, and you're ready for an evening of craic. (fiddle and penny whistle optional) By the time the rowdies come in, it's bedtime for the little ones anyway and so to home. There's no shame in it.

Some of my best memories are of the afternoons my father would take me to the local bar. He'd meet with some friend to talk or watch a game. He'd buy me a Coke, a bag of pretzels, give me a fistful of quarters for the bowling machine and I was as happy as a little lark. It seemed a perfectly civilized thing to do, a girl and her Da hanging out at the pub.

Trust a puritan to sully things.


alcibiades mczombie said...

Japan tops that, they sell beer out of vending machines. Yet they have low rates of alcoholism.

People would go nuts if that ever happened here.

straightarrow said...

I have always been aware that there is a certain segment of society (mostly religious) whose biggest fear is that somewhere someone is smiling.

I was actually told by a Southern Baptist minister once that if I was smiling it was because I knew I had done something wrong and had gotten away with it.

I shit you not!

Ian Argent said...

Damn you - now I have that song stuck in my head (I *think* it's Tommy Maken doing vocals - but it could just as easily be Three Hams on Rye, from NYRF in Tuxedo).