Thursday, November 15, 2007

liberty or death.

Shin Dong-Hyuk was born in a labor camp in North Korea. Having committed no crime, as a child he endured torture and starvation. Mr. Shin did not know that the world was anything other than a nightmare, full of death and unimaginable horror. He watched his mother and brother be executed. He grew up without ever hearing music, without ever experiencing love and did not learn the word "happiness" until he was able to escape in 2005.

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I have included multiple links to essentially the same story because this story should be repeated again and again, shouted from the very rooftops, until the world listens and becomes outraged. Mr. Shin says that he wants the world to know that innocent children grow up in a world of horror, a world of relentless evil. Imprisoned for no crime. Starved. Worked to death. Brutally tortured. Guilty of nothing except for being born.

North Korea is said to have as many as 200,000 political prisoners. They are subjected to starvation and torture that can only be described as medieval. Their own government has imprisoned them. The government is led by this man.

Madeleine Albright met with Kim Jong Il in 2000, during the Clinton presidency. They toasted each other in Pyongyang. She said he "wasn't nuts." Vote Democrat!

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DirtCrashr said...

The raw evil that Socialism spawns demonstrates why we cannot let it grow anywhere further or accommodate any of its wishes.
Madeleine Albright was a silly and vain old woman besotted with her own self importance.