Friday, November 16, 2007


I'm taking my co-worker/friend Monica to the range tomorrow. She has never even held a gun before. She's pretty excited about it and I'm excited for her. She said that she might be a little freaked out pulling the trigger the first time, but she's willing to learn.

I've told her what to wear, printed out the 4 Rules for her, given her directions, and just now I looked over my shoulder at her desk and caught her looking at the site for the range. Gearing herself up. She's ready. (I bet she's going to love it!)

Photo evidence to follow!

I'm putting a gun into the hands of one more girl. Just doing my part!


Tam said...

Isn't it fun being part of a conspiracy? :)

West, By God said...

Give my guide a look, and let me know if you have any ideas about how to make it better.

BobG said...

Kudos, lady.

comatus said...

I think I see a Bonus Point in your future...

Stopped by a major local hospital this morning to give a friend a ride home afer surgery. There was an RN in the room. She saw my jacket. "Oh, an NRA instructor, huh?" "Ayuh" (smelling trouble).

"I'm a hunter myself. My husband and son are after elk in Montana. But I got a big doe while they were gone. You should have heard them on the phone."

There's still hope, even for the medical profession.