Wednesday, November 28, 2007

We watch two hours of television religiously per week. Tuesday nights, 8PM-10PM, CBS. There might be other shows on NBC or ABC, but our rabbit ears don't really catch the signal.

NCIS is terrific. Great characters, funny lines, twisty-turny mysteries, forensics, a hyper quirky goth chick and Ziva, a (girlcrush worthy) Mossad assassin. And of course, the hotness that is a stony gray-haired Mark Harmon. All this followed by The Unit (tough guys, covert operations, snipers, yay!). I really like this show but I've been meaning to write to CBS with one teeny complaint...

Would just one totally shirtless episode be too much to ask?
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Civis Proeliator said...

Oh emm gee. Not Mark Harmon. Say it ain't so! Well, I suppose every woman has her flaws.


/me runslakhell.

Breda said...

and what is wrong with Mr. Harmon?

HeartOfAWarrior said...

Hehe, I'm totally addicted to "Bones", and then I usually tune in to watch "The Unit". I missed last night's in favor of talking to the boy-human, though. I'll have to catch it in re-runs.

OH! And, if you get the Lifetime channel, "Army Wives" is worth watching. It's between seasons right now, and I don't know if it's in re-runs, but it's supposed to start again in the spring :-D Much shiny.

Gregg said...

Yeppers, recorded every week since SWMBO has a class Tues nights.

Oh, and Breda, they can't do a totally shirtless episode. First off, I wouldn't want to see Moll topless, and it would give it away if the actress playing Kim wasn't preggers. Though, Tiffy and the new chick, Hector's love interest, would be nice to look at... ;-)

Oh, Army Wives, Catherine Bell, yummy.

Hey, I'm a guy.

Ok, the storylines on NCIS and the Unit are pretty good. I'm really impressed at the job that they have done with the Unit.

Breda said...

gregg- shirts & skins, then?

p.s. I'm still mad they killed off Hector.