Wednesday, November 28, 2007

we're #12! we're #12!

So Ban Ki-moon and the rest of his lackeys are, at this very moment, busy packing their bags and their headquarters for their big move to the "Land of Fire and Ice", right? I hear Reykjavík is lovely this time of year. (not really)

But, you know, Iceland is probably pretty amazing. All those volcanoes! Plus, it's the country that produced the gorgeous, if somewhat bizarre, genius that is Bjork. (rhymes with "jerk") I've been looking for an excuse to post one of her videos. Thanks, U.N.!

update(-ish): all of her videos are brilliant. Go, watch, enjoy.


KreativeMix said...

:-) thanks for sharing.

Less said...


Pale skinned women with complextions like dairy and veins like blue cheese...

People there are very friendly and unpretentious. The few weeks that I spent there as a teenager are cherished memories!

Except for the fish... I hate fish. (Ok, except for smoked fish...)


Mulliga said...

"Post" is such a great album. My personal favorite from her is "Vespertine," though. The "Verklärte Nacht" sample during the chorus made my toes curl when I first heard it.

phlegmfatale said...

Love Bjork, and before just her,the Sugarcubes. Good stuff. I like Sigur Ros, too.

comatus said...

"Life expectancy, education and per capita income." Just those?

It's a start. I'll guess the life expectancy went up a few notches as the open-sea fishing industry was forced into decline by...the UN. Caving to the WHO on alcohol and tobacco regulation doesn't get a mention, but must have been a big plus. And that geothermal energy thing? Shhh.

I doubt the UN staff could get permanent visas. Iceland has some very interesting immigration policies. Hint: you'd never pass them here.

Let's see. Rich, old, overeducated, six months of arctic winter. They don't play any chess there, do they?

Less said...

Ivana: "Mr. Powers, do you know hov vee stay varm in Russian?"

Austin: "Um, no, but I can guess"

Ivana: "Vee play Chess!"

Austin: "Well, I guessed wrong..."

Really, though, I loved it. The geothermal spas are awesome!!