Wednesday, December 19, 2007

alpha male

There is a reason that Fred was pursued and wooed by a gorgeous woman 24 years his junior. As Jeri Thompson says of her husband: "He is his own man, and it's a beautiful thing to be around..."
(& being a proud "trophy wife" myself , I can relate)

Whether you agree with his politics or not - that, folks, is a leader.
Even Mitt agrees, saying, "I'm with him."


Looking for The Enemy Within said...

I'm Not sure Who I'm going to vote for, But that said, you can Bet the Farm "It won't be a Clinton ! Lots of things out their that Falls under "Importance" , but "My Gun-Rights" takes 1st Place!

comatus said...

You must really hate Fred Thompson to say those things about him.

Breda said...

comatus, I so do not.

phlegmfatale said...

I like him for standing up to that moronic, pedantic bully.