Tuesday, December 18, 2007



It seems Hillary is trying to convince us that she is somehow, in a roundabout, noncommittal sort of way, concerned about our 2nd Amendment rights by pointing a finger at Obama and saying, "See? He hates guns more than I do!"

So I'm thinking...politicians all love a good photo-op, right? They go around kissing babies (funniest photo ever, btw), shaking hands, hugging interns wearing berets...wait, no, that was something else entirely. Anyway, I was thinking that since the last Democratic candidate had his 2A moment, hunting and wearing his little orange vest, why shouldn't Hillary have the same opportunity?

I'd like to invite Hillary to come to the range with me.

Yes, you read that correctly. Hill and me, at the range together. I'd be teaching her the 4 Rules, correcting her grip...What a fantastic photo that would be! I think it'd be the perfect solution to Hillary's 2A dilemma - she needs to have another woman teach her how to shoot. Feminine and serious at the same time. Brilliant, eh? I'd even wear pink, if that would help. (note to self: buy something pink)

The idea came when I read and commented on this post of Sebastian's, and I've been giggling about it ever since. She would be the ultimate addition to my Chicks With Guns list. If she is a newbie, I'd win Greg and Beth's contest hands down, wouldn't I?


West, By God said...

You wanna win my competition in one fell swoop eh?

I think I'll add that to the next round:
(Instant Wins, photo evidence required)
Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Barack Obama, Diane Feinstein.

Mike W. said...

Add Joe Biden to that list as well. Heck, I know most of the people who work for his son in the AG's office. Maybe Joe and Beau could come to the range with me?

(like that'd ever happen)

Anonymous said...

Brilliant, but hold the pink.

She is forced to wear it by mainstream expectations. You aren't.

comatus said...

She channels Eleanor Roosevelt, and Eleanor was by some accounts the best female pistol shot of her generation. Personally, I wouldn't take the job. Vince Foster trusted her.

West, By God said...

She's not a newbie exactly... I read somewhere she shot a .22 as a kid (who didn't?) But she'd still qualify.

But you have to get her to shoot something other than a snubby .38... something black and scary.

Weer'd Beard said...

Fuck that! I wanna see Mitt with an AR (post ban, illigal in Mass Gun of "Exceptional Lethality")

and Rudi with a High-Cap Glock with non NY Compliant trigger.

Its not like those turkeys are any different than Frau Clinton

Jeffrey Quick said...

Hillary with a gun! Remember those tales of rage at Bill? Think of how history could have been changed. My wife never forgave Hillary for her "stand by my man" act. She thinks she should have tossed the cheating SOB out of the house, like any other American woman would have done, and that if she'd asked, every woman in America would have showed up at the White House to back her up.

ibex said...

I admire your optimism, but I hardly think that Hillary's problem with guns is that she's afraid of them. It's rather that she is afraid of you - as long as you own guns.

And she should be.

phlegmfatale said...

I could see Hillary holding a gun as one might hold a dead fish - daintily between two fingers with the weight of it hanging earth-ward.