Monday, December 17, 2007

found o objects.

oobject is a nifty site, it has daily(-ish) collections of interesting stuff found on the internet.
Today's collection is 13 gun shaped non-guns, conveniently listed and linked for you. Ignorant whiny anti-gun commentary included - let the disgusted eye-rolling begin.

(I am in a foul mood tonight, can you tell? & I swear if one more bozo asks me to run down to the basement to get him a back issue of Consumer Reports just so he can look up the ratings on some already defunct piece of technology, when I am so clearly the only reference librarian working tonight and already have people standing three deep at my desk, so help me Jeebus, I am going to have to open a giant can of librarian whoopass. It is not gonna be pretty, folks. You may want to look away.

I predict beer, Breakfast at Tiffany's, & even a bit of a cry when I get home. Breda is having A Bad Day)


Lydia said...

perhaps you need a book about leopards...and lesbian sex...ooooohhhhleopard lesbian sex...that would be AWESOME!!!

Breda said...

I dare you to come to the library now.

falnfenix said...

this is much cooler than the tommy gun crap featured in that article.

it's also a lot harder to get, and far more expensive...and uses much better vodka.

Breda said...

OMG - that is cool. And would look so sweet on our bar.

falnfenix said...

AND it's Kalashnikov!

Jeffrey Quick said...

You don't have shelvers or some other kind of minimum-wager to run to the basement for you?

You sound like me during exam week.

Breda said...

JQ - the pages have this funny knack for disappearing.

comatus said...

They call them "pages"? In a library?

Maybe they could get a cover story. Or a spine and a joint. Would that be binding? One good scare and the flyleaves.

Mind in the gutter, but my type is set. Proof I'm a reader.

Jeffrey quick said...

I suspect that's why they keep disappearing: they have a joint.

As long as nobody bends over a page, I'm fine with it.