Monday, December 17, 2007

why did I bother?

I worked up enough courage to go ask the library director about our policy regarding emergencies, specifically ones in which crazed gunmen are involved.

I was told that the library does indeed have an emergency policy. Unfortunately, it seems all emergencies are to be treated like tornadoes. The library director actually said that we were to stay away from the windows in the event of a shooting. She also said that according to the handbook, we are supposed to dial 911, report the incident and stay on the line with the dispatcher. I was also told that it is our duty to help guide the library patrons in our section to safety.

I normally try not to swear in my blog, but...WHAT. THE. FUCK? These policies might be all well and good for her in the event of a shooting, hiding out in her back office as she usually does - but the rest of us? We, the underpaid and underappreciated? Out here in the public (otherwise known as the fucking direct line of fire)? We're supposed to try herding panicked patrons while we dial 911...all while some crazy fuck is shooting at us. Okay, sure. Great fucking plan. (My personal plan in the event of a shooting: I am running in a zigzag as fast as I can to the exit furthest from the shooter - and if some poor bastard is too slow and can't keep up with a one-legged, kind of out of shape librarian, well, then...that's just culling the herd.)

This was the best she could come up with before starting in on her diatribe about Homeland Security taking away our freedoms and not keeping us safe from homegrown terrorists. I (politely) asked,"And how would Homeland Security keep us safe from someone coming into the library with a gun?"

Her answer? Typical liberal head-up-your-fucking-ass-pie-in-the-sky bullshit:

"They need to start by taking away all the guns."

Yep. Really. This was quickly followed by:

"As much as I hate government interference..."

Mmmhmm. Sure she does.

(I have a headache now, thankyouverymuch. But go read my little cannon history lesson one post back, that's fun.)


Squeaky Wheel said...

...if some poor bastard is too slow and can't keep up with a one-legged, kind of out of shape librarian, well, then...that's just culling the herd.


Love it!

Weer'd Beard said...

Yeah turning my back to a gunman is never a good option. If they haven't spotted you slipping out the back is fine, and preferable. Sadly when disarmed "Run Away" is the ONLY option.

I'd just hate to take on in the back....*shudder*

raven_albion said...

Most of the time I am a pretty liberal person. However, if you take away all the guns, then by that (overly simplistic) logic, only criminals will have them. Not exactly the smartest idea evah.

Looking for The Enemy Within said...

In Why Bother, here's what you do. If they don't have a "Emergency-Plan" and they don't want you carrying a Gun, let "Them" deal with it ( in an Emergency ) by pointing your finger at "Them without the plan" and Yell, Drop your Gun, OR "They Wil Shoot you" That way,you past the Buck back to "Them Without The Plan"
( Big Grins )

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

So you are supposed to dial 911 to summon a gun in the holster of one of your servants to take care of the crazed gunman shooting up the library?

The head librarian must be a woman used to great privelege, and all unpleasant work is to be taken care of by "the help". What do you pay them for, after all? Can't do the nasty work or unclogging the terlet, cooking a meal, or defending your own life yourself, can you? That is SO... common.

Tell her she is an elitist snob.

Mike W. said...

And how did someone with such an obvious lack of brain cells become your library director?

Someone needs to give her some pro-gun literature and tell her to READ! I mean hell, she works in a library. ( I know, reading all the facts in the world doesn't change the mind of an anti-gunner.)

Her plan sounds like the stupidest thing I could imagine. Stay away from windows? why? If a shooter is inside the building bullets aren't going to be flying in through the windows

In the end her plan doesn't matter, because if a gunmen ever did hit the library everyone would panic and no one would follow any "plan" whatsoever.

Nicki said...

Please point this clue-deficient twit to Virginia Tech's disarmament policy, as well as their policy of communication with police during such emergencies. That worked wonders.

heartofawarrior said...

On a semi-related note, this might be of interest :-)

Lydia said...

I don't like guns, and I have no interest in owning one...but even I know Nancy is a fucking moron. Seeing as how she doesn't stop the bullying that happens outside the front door, I don't know how anyone could expect her to have a reasonable emergency plan.

It might not be the worse idea to start looking for a different job.

The Duck said...

You are on your own,
Make your own plans!
Have a plan A, Plan B Plan C
ps just because it is the law does not mean it's right

Tam said...

"The library director actually said that we were to stay away from the windows in the event of a shooting."

You know, I don't think I could have stopped myself from saying "You mean other than the one I'll be diving out of?"

DirtCrashr said...

It's the conventional Liberal wisdom that includes the notion that violence even in self-defense is wrong and sacrifice is better...

red said...

If you like horror fiction:

A good serial novel with a librarian for a hero! The comic you posted reminded me of this story, enjoy!

Jeffreyquick said...

You'd think anyone with a passing acquaintance with AACR2 would have half a clue about consistency and principle, but no. Anyone can be ignorant, but it takes at least a Masters to be totally stupid.

Permits for library users...we really need to push the ALA on this.