Monday, December 3, 2007


8:15 PM - power came on.

turtle and newt seem fine, if slow & sleepy and a mite cranky.

kittens learned all about the goodness that is the fireplace.

I managed to get photos of the section of the big tree that came down around 11:30 last night (the view is from my driveway, or thereabouts). I think it was a very old tree, going out with a bang at the end of its long life. It was hollow inside, and they had to cut down the rest that was still left standing.


comatus said...

Hey, you never mentioned the fireplace--that's cheatin'. Will this be a Lehman's Christmas?

Willyajist lookit all those other utility cables that didn't break, with the full weight of a tree on them. An Engineer passed here once. Suitable sense of awe, please.

Five years ago a less-dramatic tree fall in the neighborhood tripped the breakers in six states. The hollow inside of that old tree is called "infrastructure"; we used to have it. Does look like a bust-ass repair crew, though.

Breda said...

huddling together on the hearth under every fleece blanket, for three hours, covered with cats and with your coats still on is not cheating.

comatus said...

Lehman's. Christmas. See you there.

Right up to the coats-on part, it sounds romantic. Still, lots more fun when you plan on it.