Sunday, February 17, 2008

Bri is back.

Missing for over a month, 19-year old college student Brianna Denison was finally found last Friday. Her badly decomposed body was discovered dumped amidst trash in a brush covered field. She had been raped and strangled.

DNA evidence has linked her case to two other attacks that occurred near the university campus. Police are warning of a serial rapist-killer on the loose and are asking women to avoid situations that will put them at risk. Rape whistles have been distributed to female university students.


Whistles are not weapons. You cannot fight back with a whistle - and you must always, always, fight back.

Last summer I wrote, choking back tears the whole time, about stories like this - women and girls as prey. I decided then I was not going to be that girl, that ghost on your evening news, lost forever or found, my body unrecognizable from decay.

I often think that so many crimes against women could be stopped if only women chose to fight back. Some would say that it might make you no better than the person committing acts of violence against you, that it might be unladylike, unfeminine, that it goes against a woman's nurturing and loving nature. False. What fighting back might make you is alive to see another day and free to choose the type of woman you want to be.


Squeaky Wheel said...


Some monster starts trying to strangle and rape you, and a freakin' WHISTLE is what they recommend?

I want whatever they're smoking. It must be nice to be so blissfully, ignorantly RETARDED.

SpeakerTweaker said...

Here, here, Breda.

Better alive and "unladylike" than the alternative. Don't get me wrong: I dig on ladylike and all, but nothing turns me off quite like decomposition.

That's just me.

They could allow CCW on those campuses and turn those #$!@% whistles into "Come get the body and bring a mop" whistles, but they'd rather be, well, Squeaky summed it right up.


Xavier said...

A woman must fight back. She must. No other option is safe. Whistles? Please........Get a gun and save yourself instead of hoping someone else hears your distress call.

I refer you to the Cornered Cat.

Mike W. said...

"Some would say that it might make you no better than the person committing acts of violence against you, that it might be unladylike, unfeminine, that it goes against a woman's nurturing and loving nature"

Not fighting back goes against instinct and HUMAN NATURE. That post you made in your journal is what brought me to your blog, and it's been a pleasure reading your thoughts ever since. How different the world would be if more women refused to be meek, helpless victims.

No matter who you are FIGHT BACK. Bad guys want meek victims. They prey on others for one simple reason THEY ARE COWARDS.

Alcibiades mczombie said...

You may like this MadTV skit.

Christina LMT said...

"Oh, Mr. Serial-Rapist-and-Murderer, please wait for a moment so I can dig out my whistle and summon assistance. Thank you so much for your patience!"

Wow, nice universe they must live in, but we live in the REAL WORLD.

Lin M. said...

I'd use the whistle to alert the police as to where they could find his body after I put a couple holes in him with my H and K.

Having a daughter myself, (who has a Glock and knows how to use it quite well). I also want to take these young girls and just shake them. Most of the violent crimes against young women involve them going out and partying and clubbing and either accepting rides home with people they don't know, or like this, just coming home and crashing with the curtains open and the doors unlocked. Might as well ring a dinner bill for the perverts. You can never let your guard down.

Anonymous said...


In ancient times (Assyria is my area of expertise) the women who were in the court knew how to fight and defend themselves. Armed and unarmed combat were taught to the ladies.

I think that women today should be taught both armed and unarmed combat. Granted most women don't stand a chance against a man outweighing them by 100lbs, however, a good .38, 9mm, or 357 (magnum or sig tak your pick) does give a woman a fighting chance.

As for the wistles I agree with the posters here - use them to summon the authorities so they can clean up the mess.

Dr. Joe

Earl said...

Ah, women, get armed and stay dangerous. At a minimum a knife with pointy end and two sharp edges, but a .45 caliber derringer would be better, but everyone has room for both. The whole culture will say something about your choice to go down fighting - but really don't tell anyone until you have to explain the dead animal you saved the world from.

phlegmfatale said...

Very sad. Here's hoping some other lass chosen as victim seriously ventilates him, and soon.

Rabbit said...

The best, most effective whistle I've ever heard of is the one that accompanies bullets as they pass through the sound barrier.


the doctor said...

The only good anti-rape whistle is the whistle of a 9mm. round on it's way to the would be rapist .

Bruce said...

Whistle = Corpse Locator Beacon

HollyB said...

Handgun Marksmanship should be offered as a P.E. class.

Handguns should be allowed on every campus in the U.S. Hell, they should be giving them out to female students, after co-eds pass the marksmanship class and safety training class, just like they do with laptops.

I may indeed be killed some day...but they will find my body beside spent brass and a pistol on slide lock gripped in my hand. If I was real lucky, there will be bits of my attacker's hair, blood and skull fragments in the pistols mechanisms since I will ha ve used it as a club after I ran out of ammo.

BobG said...

Whistling is what you should hear from the assailant's sucking chest wound, put there by the would-be victim.

DirtCrashr said...

The only thing the whistle is good for is amusement - that is when you stuff it up the assailent's dead ass and stomp on his body, it then should emit a sound.

Gregg said...

Hey now, them there whistles can be effective weapons. When shoved into the occular cavity of the would be rapist...

(Darn I hate when I can't remember if occular has one c or 2.)

I have taught a lot of women's self-defense and the current "enlightened" crap just ends up with lots of damaged or dead girls. I spent some time at NKU and discussed with the women's groups on campus my willingness to teach self-defense classes. Their response was that I should teach men not to rape. Like the rapists would attend, or pay attention, to a class like that.

I actually think that self-defense is something that pretty much everybody ought to learn, though my idea of taught self-defense is not common. I include items like proper use of force as well as techniques to reduce PTSD. Kind of a CCW class on steroids without the firearms aspect.

lisa said...

I stood at the corner of the UNR campus late Friday night, waiting to meet my friend, for about 30 minutes.. in that short time, I counted 15 police vehicles in the area...

security is beefed. maybe the thought is to blow the whistle before the attack starts..

who knows..

nobody will feel safe until the scumbag is caught - whistles and guns or not.

this has changed our little community.

just my humble opinion

Pagan Blacksmith said...

Isn't being dead a bit 'unladylike', too? I mean how can you be anything but a corpse, if you are dead. I've met enough rape victims to know that some women will 'die inside' and no longer function.

Whistles are not arms. But fingers, elbows, knees and heels ARE! And no one has to issue them. They are standard equipment. Learn to use them in all ways possible.


Jeffrey Quick said...

One must ALWAYS resist ANY crime, or at the very least not cooperate. I discuss this at length here.

Anonymous said...

What would happen if you "carried" on those campusii? Would you be pilloried? Would you be tossed from their fair halls of acadamia?
If you carried would you be able to snuff out a vermin? Would you be praised or would you be denigrated?
My bet would be you would have a lot of 'splainin' to do...but you would be alive.