Saturday, February 16, 2008

how about a cold one?

I'm off to the brewery - no beer in bottles there!


Gregg said...

I need to unpack the brewery and get it fired back up!

Oh, and no I don't bottle these days typically. Kegging is the only way to brew.

Weer'd Beard said...

And how are you sure you have supercooled said beer enugh without turning your freezer into a beery mess?

Also won't the beer be flat and icky once it thaws? Of course this would be fine if the neck of the bottle was suitable for a spoon (Guiness would make an excellent "slushy" IMHO)

The above wastes of beer are indeed alchol abuse.

Since the dude in the vid didn't offer me a beer, I'm fine with him ruining his supply.

Anonymous said...

Also won't the beer be flat and icky once it thaws?

that would be why you choose cerveza swill for your supercooling experiments. drinking that stuff, how could you tell any difference?

jeffrey quick said...

I read a disturbing piece yesterday (don't have URL to hand) about how the ethanol craze and smaller plantings of barley are disproportionately driving up the price of microbrews, both because they require proportionately more barley than proleswill does, and because the proleswill producers have barley growers locked into long-term contracts whereas microbrewers have to buy malt on the spot market.