Friday, March 21, 2008

Friday funny!

We drink a lot of tea. Flavored, green, herbal, you name it. When we want plain black tea, we usually buy Red Rose brand tea. It's a nice mellow tea and doesn't have that bright, almost citrusy taste that you find in Lipton tea. The flavor reminds me of the tea I drank in Ireland. Plus, they still include a tiny Wade ceramic figurine in the package. It's like the prize in a box of Cracker Jack, except better.

I don't collect them but I always hope for a good one, like a turtle or a cat. I drank a lot of tea when Red Rose had their circus figurine series. All creepy clowns promptly went in the trash and I ended up getting a lion instead of the stripey tiger I had been hoping for. The endangered animal series was cool - I got two sea turtles and a puma. I line up my favorites on the windowsill above the kitchen sink, right next to the ashes of my cat and my pot of African violets.

Red Rose has moved on to a "pet shop" series of figurines, which includes a cat, two kittens, and a turtle. Opening a new box of tea recently, Mike told me we got one of the cat figurines, adding, "One of the kittens is a boy and the other is a girl."

I thought that perhaps one of the kittens had a bow on it or something. I looked more closely. bow.

"Okay, I give. Why is one cat a boy and one cat a girl?" I asked Mike, who by this time was grinning.

When he gave me his answer, I laughed out loud.

I love his inner adolescent.


Joseph said...

Red Rose tea sounds good...where you you buy it at?

Breda said...

Regular grocery stores carry Red Rose.

Joseph said...

Thanks, Breda.

Windy Wilson said...

Mike is observant, too. How big are these things, one inch? (2.5 cm for when you bought it in Ireland?)

the wV word, Ylemost, how my SIL wins her arguments.