Friday, March 21, 2008


...when seconds count, the police are only minutes away.

A woman was shot while on the phone with 9-1-1. The police arrived a few minutes after the call and found her dead inside her multimillion dollar home. The couple had recently added security cameras to their walled and gated residence.

A neighbor said, "I thought it was safe," referring to the affluent street where they all lived. Wanting to take extra precautions, she would like to get locks on her gates and has already spoken to a security company.

Maybe one of those "Gun Free Zone" signs would help, too.


Glenn Bartley said...

Expensive home, in a nice area, walled in, gated community, expensive security cameras, all that just to die, what a shame. Too bad she did not invest a few hundred in a good shotgun, another few hundred in a handgun, and whatever the cost of a dog shelter adoption fee (we just paid $29.50 for our dog pound mutt here in NY) for a nice big pooch. She would have saved hundreds if not thousands on the security cameras, and whatever else, and would quite probably saved her own life.

Cost of Adopting a Guard Dog: $50

Cost of a Good Handgun and some ammo: $500

Surviving an Encounter With an Armed Intruder: Priceless

What a shame it did not work out that way.

All the best,
Glenn B

Earl said...

Even money can't buy you safety. I was thinking of the Chicks with Guns, which is unoffensive and cute. My favorite poem, by Kim Addonizio, "Target" should be the semi-official anthem -- but I am not a chick and not a voting member. I wish the lady that was shot had her own weapon and used it before the 911 call - she might have been alive longer.

Mike W. said...

Sarah Brady's paradise - the gun-free, crime-free utopia where a woman is free to be shot while waiting on the phone for an "authorized" man with a gun to come save her.

Joseph said...

What upsets me the the way intruders work these days...instead of just bolting when discovered, and often escaping, they kill someone,leave evidence and face serious prison time if convicted. If the intruder just takes off...he might be caught, but breaking and entering is a lot lighter sentence than murder.

Not to mention fewer ruined lives: The woman, her husband, the kids....