Sunday, April 20, 2008

halfway there

Today we completed the classroom requirement of the Ohio CCW course and tomorrow evening we get instruction on the range. Leah, the NRA certified instructor and manager at Sherwin, told us she'll teach us some tricks to help us be better shooters and will have us shoot one handed with our non-dominant hand. I'm excited and a little nervous but really looking forward to learning anything that can help me.

Along with being gorgeous, Leah's really funny and smart and she totally exudes confidence. I've often wondered about her story - how did she start shooting, how does she know so much, how did she get to be NRA certified? Today I found out that when she first started at Sherwin five years ago, she didn't like guns and had never shot one in her life - they had initially hired her as one of their calendar/gun girl models.* She told us that on her first shoot they had her wear a holstered pistol and she was afraid she'd "shoot her ass off." The guys at the range eventually convinced Leah to try shooting and she said she was instantly hooked. Many hours of education (and boxes and boxes of ammunition) later, Leah has become an expert at what she does and is passionate about teaching others about their right to self defense.

*poke around on their site and you'll see her. Which one? Not telling.


The Earth Bound Misfit said...

Wow, that place has changed a lot since I lived in Euclid! The store looks a lot nicer.

Fits said...

"with a focus on Ohio law from a police perspective."

In other words, confused, usually in error, and confrontational?

Good luck with the lessons. Squeeze, don't pull, aim for Hi-COM, and practice lots. There are no advanced lessons in firearm training, just doing the basics until they become second nature.

Faith said...

Shooting is rewarding. I started out years ago. The aspect I liked was competing against myself. I also enjoyed a type of course that times you and makes you think about who you should be shooting. My score was pretty good, (at least I was proud of it) but my time wasn't overly great. I told everyone that while my time was not great at least I made good decisions and shot who I was supposed to. One individual's, who ran the course with me, time was good, but the scores were a bit lower than mine.

Way back when I took the NRA certification course. I enjoyed it and basically did it for myself. I never taught. I qualified in all but shot gun. I refused that one. Only shot one once. That was enough for me :)

phlegmfatale said...

Very cool.
Good on Leah.
Good on you! It's so great to learn of more fantastic examples of people with open minds.

I plan to join you in the ranks of CCW very soon, too.

Brent Greer said...

I am glad you and your hubby are enjoying your class experience Breda! Remember, "perfect practice makes perfect!"

Lorimor said...

I may have to stop by this store the next time I'm in the Cleveland area.

Nice lookin' equipment they have there.


Earl said...

I was wondering where Leah's picture was, but then did find my favorite long legged red heads - and was distracted by the guns or the costumes but glad you and Mike are going through the training together, and getting closer to your goal.
There is no word for verification? I will never get to post this.... sigh.
wnigww -- finally!

kaveman said...

Good luck shooting with your "off" hand. I truly suck at this and need to practice.

My CCW instructor said that he covers this because during a gun fight(both people armed), 80% of first hits strike the hand/arm holding the weapon.

This is where your attention is focused, on the gun, so whether or not you mean to aim there, your brain points your hand towards the gun, not neccessarily at your enemies center of mass.

Practice every type of scenario you can. If your instructor is going the off- hand route, don't be surprised to practice one-handed reloading or racking the slide on the heel of your shoe.