Tuesday, April 8, 2008

why I ♥ my gaming guys. (cont'd)

Some of the clever, funny guys I used to game with (yes, game...with the dice and the miniatures. I've been saying I'm a total geek for how long now?) apparently lurk on read my blog and are having a great time tormenting me with isopods. (hello, heebie-jeebies!)

Ed, who was best man at our wedding, has been putting his renowned creativity and twisted sense of humor to good(?) use, making LOLisopods just for me.

Nightmares, the gift that keeps on giving. (Ed has since assured me that giant isopods are too large to fit a sanitary sewer. Sweet of him.)

Arthur, who was also in our wedding, sent me this touching photo from that memorable day. It was captioned: "Unfortunately Breda had to wait until her wedding day to see what was under the "Michael" mask."

The tentacles make him a little hard to kiss, but he's still a really great husband.


BobG said...

Nice wedding picture; was the honeymoon in R'lyeh?

Lydia said...

do the tentacles also make Mike a foot shorter?

Thirdpower said...

What games did you play?

Breda said...

bobg - it does look kind of lovecraftian!

lydia - they make me 1 foot taller!

3rdpower - Warhammer, mostly.

Ed said...

Oh come on Breda this is a "chicks with guns" blog, show them the "kittens with high powered rifles" one I made for you. I am fairly sure the "Far Side" one would work here too.
P.S.People I have known Mike most all of my life, even had gym class together. I can assure you all that the camera takes several inches off his "tentacles"

Thirdpower said...

Cool. I played Undead. I stopped when they made a new edition and half the stuff I had suddenly became obsolete.

phlegmfatale said...

awwww, ain't love grand?

Philip said...

"I Married an Elder God", now showing at your local googleplex.