Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Wowza. I am totally caffeinated.

For an early birthday gift, my mother ordered me one of those coffee pod coffeemakers and it is terrific. She found an online offer where they'll send you the coffeemaker and a bunch of accessories for "free", as long as you pay the $15 shipping. So she has one, I have one and my brother just ordered one, too.

I think I was a little over enthusiastic about my new toy this morning. I grabbed a big mug and set up the machine to make two cups. Didn't fill up the mug so I made another.

My heart is thudding, my hands are shaking and I am VERY VERY AWAKE.


Chris H in Phx. said...

When's the b-day? Mine is today. From one peg-leg to another, may I wish you a very Happy (early) Birthday!

Breda said...

mine is a weeks away,June 5th -

but happy birthday to YOU!!!

Anonymous said...

Just add water...

MORE water...


Word verification: gdrjsynm

Are you kidding me?

...Gals drink rum jalopies so yankees need more?

Hmm... What's a 'rum jalopy'


brad_in_ma said...

I've been a coffee hound since I was 14. I'll be 44 on my next b-day. That said, I'll give you some words I live by:
1) Hot, Strong, Black.
2) Trader Joes French Roast. Black.
3) Starbucks? NEVER !!!!

- brad_in_ma

Breda said...

I agree about the Starbucks - overroasted and overpriced.

brad_in_ma said...

One more thing . . . get yourself over to "" and order yourself a travel mug emblazened with a graphic of the caffeine molecule. The mugs are really quite nice. In fact, I think JayG had one on his site not too long ago.

reflectoscope said...

I had a caffeine-trip moment in high school, although it was probably psychosomatic seeing as I've been drinking coffee since I was... young. (Hey, after sunday school lets out, its hot and a convenient carrier for sugar? why not?) Trimethylxanthine, how I adore thee!

Charbucks, on the other hand, suffered in a post of mine, but then they deserved it.