Friday, May 23, 2008

keffiyeh kerfuffle

There seems to be a bit of confusion concerning Rachel Ray's choice of accessories. Spokesperson for Dunkin' Donuts, she appeared in an ad wearing a scarf that looked very much like the type chosen by terrorists and anti-war protesters.

So, let me clear things up once and for all.

Everyone can relax. It's just a scarf.
(I can has bacon?)

Isn't it?


Less said...

A shemagh?

Evan the most anti-islamic dude I know wears one... So useful!!

Bob said...

If you really want to anger jihadis, you can buy the Israeli Keffiyeh, which is in the colors of the Israeli flag and, when the scarf is opened, reveals a pattern of Stars-of-David.

LawDog said...

Geoff said...

Cripes! Why does everything someone decides to wear have to have some sort of hidden meaning attributed to it?! There are such things as personal aesthetics and comfort after all.

angus lincoln said...

That is one fine looking canine, nicely accessorized too I must say. Does he,(or she), belong to you?

Eric Wright said...

Honestly, I think that just because we're so ignorant of the issue, doesn't give us the right to say "It's just a scarf."

A swastika is just a symbol after all. It doesn't have to mean anything. But it does because of what we know happened in Germany.

Now all keffiyehs are not Palestinian keffiyehs and are therefor not a sensitive issue. You can wear a red and white one, or one with long tassels. But if you wear the black and white(Palestinian) or the white and blue(Israeli) you should be aware of the message you are sending(that being support for either the legitimacy of Israel, or the "liberation" of the Palestinians)