Saturday, May 24, 2008

we're doin' the work

We are finishing the powder room. This weekend. Yes, we are.

Unfortunately, this process involved a miter box and angles that are not at all 90 degrees. Mike got the full demonstration of how my brain works.

I had to talk things out, visualize, literally touch the crown molding, draw little pictures and talk some more before I could make sense of the cuts that we needed to make. A little bit messy and a little bit unconventional but I eventually decided which slot the saw should go in (why Mike left this up to me, I have no idea. I barely passed geometry in high school.) and, whattya know?

Mike held the molding up against the ceiling and it fit perfectly, just like it was supposed to. I jumped up and down, delighted, clapping my hands together and grinning like a big goofball.

"I did it! I'm a frickin' genius! Whee!! Say it, say it!"

Still up on the ladder, Mike sighed patiently. "Yes, Breda. You are a frickin' genius."

The little victories are sometimes the sweetest.


pdb said...

Don't tell nobody, but I still have to go get a bottle to practice on before I know which way to yank the wrench.

"Righty tighty, lefty loosey. But is that the TOP or the BOTTOM of the bolt going left?!"

Earl said...

Little victories are the sweetest, the big ones are too tiring, and still subject to counter attacks. Good job, pictures when it is really finished?

Sevesteen said...

When I've done the trim on the baseboards after installing a new floor, I kept scraps with various angles so I could test-assemble and verify which way I needed to cut. Saved a lot of "oops" cuts.

angus lincoln said...

I used to get the same feeling when I would successfully hang a picture without teaching the young ones new vocabulary.

farmist said...

I assumed genius was a prerequisite of becoming a reference librarian.

Gator said...

My first thought was "WTH are you hanging crown molding in the room where you store your (gun)powder, ammo, etc.?"

And then it hit me... Oh, that powder room.

(Pulls head out of ass, making that familiar winecork sound and popping finger out of mouth for added realistic sound effects.)

Note to self: Read something besides gun blogs.

Carteach0 said...

You cut crown molding correctly WITHOUT directions?!? You ARE a bloody genius!

The first and only time I did that, it took a full twenty minutes WITH directions to figure out how. The only reason it was me doing it.... everyone else was too chicken to try cutting the $4.85 a foot molding.

Anonymous said...

Hell, the rest of us say "Breda is a genius AND a hot babe" every time we hit your blog.

And now it turns out that you are a rifle maiden as well.

i'm nominating you for Blog-status demigod, RFN.