Friday, May 9, 2008

why I try to avoid local news

While watching the news last night I learned that a pizza place made fun of a local sports hero. (I don't watch sports, so I still have no clue what this is all about.) Northeast Ohio was outraged. The pizza place offered their apology in the form of 23 cent pizzas for the entire region, one day only, with proceeds going directly to charity. Northeast Ohio went insane. There were lines that went on for blocks, there were fights, there were arrests...

And I ended up screaming at the television, "You waited 6 hours for a freaking pizza? Get a damn job! Idiot!"

(For your viewing pleasure, here's the link to the broadcast.)


Brent Greer said...

The promotion was all over the state of in Columbus people waited in line more than 3 hours before the stores decided to close at 6 pm, pissing off a LOT of folks. Police had to be called in to keep people from getting unruly. So now the pizza chain has ticked people off twice...first with the shirt giveaway incident, and now with this 23-cent pizza debacle.

steamdragon said...

Robert Heinline described this as "The Crazy Years."
I just pray that Nemia Scudder isn't running for office.

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Ghost said...

Were you allowed to buy more than one? Heck, I'd wait if you could. I mean, it's no worse than camping out for three days before Black Friday. ;)