Wednesday, June 11, 2008


So cute it almost makes me feel bad for enjoying one of these last night. I'm sorry, piggie....but why do you have to taste so good?


falnfenix said...

so how *does* the bacon chocolate taste?

Breda said...

really, really good - better than anyone would expect, probably. Creamy, chocolatey, salty, a little bit crunchy with a hint of bacon.

Bob said...

Yah, I posted that on my own blog, too. Wonder how many times it'll be posted today?

GeorgeH said...

And the Berkshires are the very tastiest.

Less said...

PORK!!! ...Is the meat of kings,
It's made from pig, try it with onions rings...

Pork just goes with everything,
cause it's made from swine and swine sure tastes fine!

Just bring some to the picnic baby,
You know you want to stuff it in my hamper,
but please put it in some tupperware,
cause I don't want to be a porky-chancer

Ham and Bacon! You should taste 'em!

I know it surprising, but its so appetizing!

(Repeat Verse!)

steamdragon said...

It's getting so deep in here that even the pig is wearing boots!

Word Verification: gljkw