Monday, June 16, 2008

Steve Loomis will protect you!

On my lunch hour, I usually drive home to have my lunch and make sure the cats haven't completely demolished the house. I enjoy the chance to get out of the building, enjoy a little fresh air and sunlight and listen to the radio.

Today during the local news, I heard about how a teenaged boy was able to break into Cleveland's police dispatch headquarters. It is suspected that the boy got in through a window because none of them lock. They also played a short clip of an interview they did with Steve Loomis, the president of the police union. Loomis is concerned for the safety of the dispatchers because they are all female and unarmed because "they aren't police officers."

I wish I had a link to the audio - then you all could tell me if you shouted at your radios too.


Mike W. said...

Oh wonderful. Just go and tell everyone "our windows don't lock, all of the dispatchers are women, they'll be here alone & unarmed all night, every night."

You've just told rapists, molestors, and other violent scum exactly where to find easy victims.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a wonderful reason for the dispatchers to go on strike.
Or just flat out quit.

"Management willfully maintains an unsafe work environment."

Wow, word verification = ebjbvudp.
Evil Billy Joel Buys Voracious Undulating Dingo Puppies.
Must not like the barking...

hairy hobbit said...

What WTAM had to say about it

Cleveland police dispatchers had a scary run-in with a burglar Monday morning around 3:15 am at the old 3rd District building. It houses the communications hub for the city of Cleveland.

Around 3:15 AM two dispatchers had stepped outside to have a smoke break when a black male approached them making casual conversation.

At the same time a teenage black male entered the building and ran into the dispatch supervisor who was performing a security sweep of the building.

Both were so surprised they ran in opposite directions. The intruder fled through an open window in the community room and ran down Payne Street onto the Cleveland State University campus.

No one was hurt through this ordeal; however everyone was shaken up at the building. The police union is calling for extra security measures to be put in place for these civilian dispatchers.

The police union is asking for more lighting, surveillance camera's and officers to be assigned to the location.

So what REALLY happened?

Also, they often have the audio from the top/bottom news breaks, and sometimes additional audio on the site.

Oldsmoblogger said...

I believe I flipped the bird at my radio. Ironically, I was pulling into Dunham's on my lunch hour, to pick up (among other items) some new earmuffs.