Friday, June 27, 2008

thoughts from the Victim Disarmament Zone

If the state of Ohio says that I am not allowed to carry a gun in the library where I work (a gun free zone! for the children!), why doesn't the state provide the library with security guards?

Or does this:
apply to librarians too?

(thanks to Oleg for the brilliant photography, as usual)


phlegmfatale said...

Or... the assailants might die from bleeding out through the ears from that loud-assed tie!


If one were ever unfortunate enough to be in a place where someone goes crazy and tries to kill a bunch of people, one would pray someone accidentally carried a gun in anyhoo, purely by accident and not on purpose, of course, because one wouldn't knowingly do anything illegal, and it would just be a happy coincidence.

Conveniently, my company is small enough that the discussion of guns in the workplace has never come up.

Anonymous said...

I'd start making a bullet-proof book. Or dozens of them.

The Captain said...

It's always been my position that deep concealment is your friend.

Anonymous said...

As I've said before, the State of Texas forces me into the same dilemma in MY library.

And we did have a man-with-gun kidnapping incident this campus back around 2003, too. Some guy held his own son hostage in the admin tower; the incident ended with the deranged fellow shooting himself. There were no other casualties--but it could've been much, much worse.

Anyway, Happy Belated Heller day to you, too.

Mike W. said...

One good thing is that lots of books stacked together (like they are on library shelves) will stop a bullet.

steamdragon said...

Looks like you need a book of your own, Breda.
I highly recommend this one for your every day (cough)reading needs.

Maybe with a nice velcro latch to keep it closed
Just don't shelve it.

Word: wuuqrsby
I thought the 'u' was supposed to come after the 'q'

steamdragon said...

Ok that link was too long...
Try this:

Word: makozdv

I can do that.

Buckshot said...


NOWHERE does Ohio CCW law mandate that you be disarmed at the library!

The library boards, districts and associations have gotten together and decided to post all the libraries themselves, and then CLAIM that they must do so becasue the get public money.

This is NOT something spelled out for forced by the state of Ohio, it is something done by library people themselves.


Breda said...

Buckshot - I just looked at the Ohio CCW Law Handbook and on page 15 of 32 it specifically says "libraries, which are often funded through a consortium of governmental bodies, are covered by the statute" (referring to forbidden carry zones)

Jeffrey Quick said...

If the ALA is so concerned about the constitutional right to read porn in libraries, why are they not concerned about your constitutional right to self-defense in a library?

Because they're Commies?

Buckshot said...


You are correct in what that book says, but it is NOT law! It is only the opinion of one of two (depending on which book you have) former attorney generals who are no longer in office.

There is NO MENTION of of libraries being prohibited areas in the actual ORC sections.

Things like this come up often in classes, and we must differentiate between what is law and what is opinion only and not law.