Friday, June 27, 2008

brew ha ha!

Barack drinks crap beer. Apparently PBR pairs well with arugula. Who knew?


Mike W. said...

PRB? Ugh. That stuff is college-only beer and is barely passable if you're pounding a few down on a hot summer day.

There are so many good beers out there why waste time drinking stuff that tastes (and looks) like piss water?

Have you ever smelled PBR? It might actually smell worse than it tastes.

West, By God said...

I think its kinda funny that PBR is the beer of choice for hipsters... I guess they find torturing their palates with craptastic megaswill is some kind of delicious irony.

Barack Pied Piper Obama knows that were he to order a glass of Chimay Grand Reserve, it would only add to his elitist appearance... but if he ordered a Bud Light, that would be seen as pandering to us bitter, gun-humping rednecks.

Anonymous said...

Dude wants to get his pander on, accept nothing less than Keystone Classic or Natty Lite :belch:

Ah, the good old days of crap beer we had to get somebody else to buy, and were glad for it....

At least in PA Barry got it right with the Yuengling.


Weer'd Beard said...

While my main sauce of choice are fine Whiskies and Gins, and when I delve into Beer an IPA (Dogfish head's opaque 90 min IPA is my personal fave, with Portland Maine's Fuggles IPA from Shipyard as a more traditional choice)

But I must say, there is just somthing very freeing about sitting in a folding lawn chair on a hot summer day with friends and driking a PBR right from the 16 oz "Pounder Can".

I suspect this stunt was much like Hillary dropping boilermakers with the Penn Workboots croud....or John Kerry experssing his admeration for "Manny Ortez" of the Red Sox.

Also if it was a draft beer, mayhaps he used PBR as a mask to hide the fact that he was drinking a sissy Blue Moon.

He knew he couldn't get away with a Banana Daqueri, or a Sour Apple Martini : ]

Anonymous said...

I've said it to Tam and I'll say it to you;

I don't want you girls spoiling those lovely toned mind of yours (which we all come here to admire:-P''') with beer!

Rob K said...

One more reason not to vote for him. I'd rather not drink than drink PBR, Blatz, or Strohs.

Ben Franklin is reported to have said "Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy."

DirtCrashr said...

Y'obomma dude, what's wrong with a Red Stripe mon?
PBR is a cynical, elitist stunt to look common-manly amonf the clingers - like Hillary in Cammo or Kerry crawling on his belly with a shotgun.

BobG said...

PBR is ok if you are cooking brats or kielbasa in it. It is NOT for drinking.

farmist said...

PBR is locally known as "Peoria Piss"

Steve Skubinna said...

I bet he doesn't drink PBR at home. It's a focus grouped choice - well, except that I don't think Obama polls and focus groups like Clinton did. He's just as cynical, but thinks he's got the deft touch needed to fool the rubes without measuring the demographics.

Thus his many gaffes - he's pretty much winging it because a) he's the Smartest Man Alive, and b) he's a Man of Destiny.