Thursday, July 10, 2008


I, uh, added two new things in my side bar.

"Currently reading" will take you to Amazon so you can review my choices in reading material, and the um, other thing...well. Yeah. Librarian, pittance, ammo (and holster and belt and rifle and scope and...) - you do the math. might disappear soon because holy crap, I am totally uncomfortable now.


Normanomiblog said...

Just started reading your blog, seems pretty interesting, I'll have to keep an eye on it. :D

Are you uncomfortable about asking for money (feels too much like begging) or because of the picture?

If it's the picture, I like it, it think it's fairly cool.

If it's the pay pal thing....I look at it this way, you're taking time out of your day to post something as entertainment/news/whatever for people to read. You're doing it for free as it is and not making people pay for it. If someone would like to contribute something for your time, then hey. Why not make it a little easy for them.

Just curious. :)

And keep on bloggin. :D

Breda said...

Normanomiblog - I'm feeling weird about it for a few reasons, mostly because it's just not in my nature. But I'm trying to look at it like you suggested - I do spend time doing this and perhaps, just maybe, my time might be valuable.

And, yeah, I like the picture too =)

Earl said...

I am all for the picture, but the words hide the intent. I think, although tom cruise isn't my favorite actor, SHOW ME THE MONEY was a great specific line. You do everything with taste, leave it someone will figure it out correctly.

homebru said...

Well, I don't see anything for you to be embarrassed about so, whatever it was, you must have already removed it.

You were referencing "personally recommended" items in the Victoria's Secrets catalog, weren't you? And here's me being slow to show up the party. Durn.

doubletrouble said...

Hey Breda-

Off topic and all, but there's a short write up of the Bersa .380 in the August issue of Guns & Ammo. You might be able to get it online if yer interested.

AND, more off topic.
Do you have professional access to electronic archives of the Cleveland newspapers, specifically the Plain Dealer? I'm talkin' back to the 80's...


Breda said...

hey doubletrouble, I have access to the electronic archives of the PD, yes...but they only go back to 1991.

Jay G said...

No reason to be embarassed. It's not like you're forcing folks to kick in.

Besides, you really need a nice 1911... ;)

Mike W. said...

Why not have a donation button where proceeds will go towards ammo expenditures from your "chicks with guns" new shooter series? .380 ACP isn't cheap.

That way you don't feel bad about asking for money because it's going directly towards grassroots activism.

Sailorcurt said...

I agree, you're providing a valuable service (and better entertainment than is available on 100+ channels of cable TV).

There's no reason for you to be embarrassed about giving people who find your posts informative and entertaining the opportunity to show their appreciation.

Steve Skubinna said...

If readers appreciate your efforts and want to show it, what's to feel uncomfortable about? I see no coercion, no whining, no "give me the money or I shoot this dog!"

I tell ya, I'm about this close to embarrassing you with a donation, little lady! Now get back to blogging, more free ice cream, damn it!

TW: pawud. I think I had some of that the last time I ate at an Indian restaurant.

Tam said...

If you were strumming a guitar on the sidewalk in your spare time, would you feel uncomfortable if someone tossed a fiver in your guitar case because they liked the music?

FWIW, I had to really think it over myself. I made it two years before I put up a tip jar, but I finally made my peace with it.

Steve Skubinna said...

I suppose it matters how well Breda strums the guitar, Tam. Once in Tijuana I came across two kids with a guitar that were earsplttingly bad. They were so bad I gave them a few bucks just for the sheer chutzpah.

Mike W. said...

I think you need a certain number of readers before putting up a tip jar, which is why I don't have one.

By the way, what rifle are you looking to buy?

Willorith said...

A few donations and then you are a professional blogger. Certain expenses of your profession become deductible against your professional income. Expenses such as ammunition, guns, and travel to blog clumpings. Expenses related to the things you write about. If your blogging is a hobby, your expenses are deductible only to the extent of the earnings from the hobby. If your blogging is a profession the expenses are fully deductible, creating a loss which shields other income.

The determining factor is whether you lost money or made a profit in three out of the last five years. Net profit in three years, and you are a professional, net loss and you are a hobbiest. You can manipulate what expenses you include in the business to have a small profit in three years, and a large loss in the other two. The large loss is then deductible against ordinary income (W-2) and thus reduces your taxable income in those two years quite substantially.

I'm sorry if this bored you, in my misspent youth I earned a CPA license, which now hangs in the office of my machine shop a $50,000 cartoon. Life is a curious mix of contradictions. But, what would you trade it for?

David said...

Geez louise, you're gonna get over it the instant somebody donates something. So I just did. :)