Wednesday, July 9, 2008

a BIG thank you... those who nominated me to be on the Top 100 Female Bloggers list!

I'm # 103!

...out of 100.

But whatever! Yay!


New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

You're tops in my book, lassy.

Robb Allen said...

Well, I've given you my vote as well, and I've got quite a bit of pull around the blogosphere.. (at least in my mind)

Doctor S. said...

Good job! What i'd like to know, is there any such list of male bloggers? Why is there a list of female bloggers anyway? Do we expect that females wouldn't blog as much and would need credit as a minority? I suspect there might even be more famale than male bloggers, given their proficiency at communicating!

Brigid said...

That's awesome! You deserve it.

Mad Saint Jack said...

Now Playboy is looking for Bloggers.

Breda said...

If anyone nominates me for the Playboy thing, I'll have to hurt them. And not in a nice way.

My MOM reads this blog!

Mike W. said...

You shouldn't have said that. Now surely someone will nominate you.