Monday, July 21, 2008

*insert squeeing sound here!

Mike's friend Ed, also the best man at our wedding, is really and truly the best. Thank you, Ed!

Look what he loaned us (and by that, I mean me)... look!!!

We are going to the range tonight and I am absolutely beside myself with excitement.


Robert said...

Bravo Edward! I think there should be a lot more loaning firearms between reasonable parties just so we can all be educated in the famous, the infamous, the niche, the common, et, et.
Looks like fun! Usually thye will function with anything but if it sticks cases or stovepipes it might just be the brand of ammo. I'm sure Ed knows what to feed it.

Pretty high scope position as well- the key to rifle shooting is a good firm weld between the cheek and buttstock that leaves your eye looking right through the sights. Probably hard to do unless you have cheeks like Queen Latifah on this one.

Congrats to all parties! That Ed! That Good old reliable, heavily armed best man! What a guy!

Fearsclave said...

Ed has excellent taste in 10/22's; I've got basically the identical gun, down to the Bushnell scope with flip-up caps and the Butler Creek banana mags. Only difference that I can see is that his doesn't have a bipod.

They're a great little rifle. Enjoy it, and remember that an M1A is basically just a 10/22 that generates 25+ times the muzzle energy :).

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...


Robert said...

A little something for the Reference Desk to watch while the hours until range time flow by.

Bob said...

Cool, you get to try out a version of your dream gun; hope you enjoy it.

I owned a 10/22 once in Florida, and emptied the entire 10-shot clip in under two seconds once when I nearly stepped on a water moccasin. In my panic, I missed the fat snake with every shot, but I was only around 13 or so.


plentysix said...

You're gonna need more ammunition.

Ellen said...

Will MomFallacy get try with it? It sure is pretty.

Earl said...

Nice, but what is the farthest you can shoot on your range? 50 to 100 meters for the cool rifle you have there. Have lots of fun!

BobG said...

My wife loves shooting my 10/22; she can run through a brick of ammo as fast as she can load the mags.

Buckshot said...


Is this a test run for an Appleseed shoot rifle?

Not a bad start, but we need to get you working with good iron sights too.