Tuesday, August 5, 2008

librarian allure, bottled

from CB I Hate Perfume


smith kaich jones said...

I have no idea what this is - really? perfume? a joke? I'm slow on the uptake today, so forgive me. BUT one of my very smells in the world is a library. I can STILL smell the old downtown library from when I was a kid (now the county Historical Society). And the smell of a bookstore or library always calms me down - aromatherapy for sure.

BobG said...

Mmmm...the smell of library paste, old leather, and mildewed paper. While I find them to be comforting smells, reminding me of the libraries of my youth, I'm not so sure they are conducive to amorous behavior.

Brigid said...

My Dad got a call from the school when I was in 10th grade. They informed him I'd skipped school something like 14 times that quarter. They were quite concerned and asked him "do you even know where your daughter is". He said. . "sure. . she's at the library".

Long pause.

"You're daughter skips school to go to the library?"

"yes. . she's damn bored in your school".

I did, spend that much time there. I loved it, and even considered it as a study after school, til I got the science type bug. Just imagine all the kids you interact with every day, growing minds that find the library a wellspring of thought, and a harbor of words.

You're darn lucky. As are they.

Breda said...

smith - Yes, it really is a perfume!

brigid - sadly the youth of today are mostly interested in the internet and Myspace. Books not so much.

Mark Alger said...


I'm not so sure it's all that recent. When I was a kid (Yes, I know, I know. But it really DID happen, back in the upper-lower neopaleolithic era.) I, too spent a lot of time in libraries, although I didn't have the nerve to skip school like Brigid. I never noticed many of my contemporaries (and this was the peak of the Baby Boom, BTW) showing the same interest.

In my high school, you had the option of spending study hall in the main auditorium or the library. There was always an open seat at a library table, but they frequently had to send overflow from the auditorium down to the lunch room.

Study hall was boring, but the library was a gateway to other worlds.

I'd bet there may be as many as a couple dozen kids in your orb who feel like Brigid and I. And that's probably about the right number.


mdmnm said...

CB is great! Scents outside the ordinary. "In the Library" is good, "At the Beach 1966" very good, at least on the right person.