Wednesday, August 6, 2008

sleep, interrupted

I listened to the Gun Nuts podcast and stayed up far too late. I can't remember what time I fell asleep but it was certainly this morning and not last night.

At 3 AM I woke up, confused at what I was hearing. Sirens. Not a fire truck, not a police car. The siren. It can be heard for miles, a high wail warning of danger.

I only hear this siren when it is briefly tested every Wednesday at 11 AM; I have never heard it going on and on relentlessly. The sound seemed more alarming because it was cutting through the night.

The wind was whipping through the trees and hail was starting to plink against the windows - both good signs that the nuclear power plant hadn't exploded, the only other time I'd probably ever hear the siren. I ran to close windows and check on the cats. I turned the TV to the one station that we still get with our rabbit ear antenna.

"Mike! There's a tornado! 7 miles north of Euclid!"

Mike was still trying to sleep. "7 miles north of Euclid is in the lake."


I crawled back in bed and the storm ended minutes later.


Lissa said...

The title of your post immediately think of "Girl, Interrupted." I blame the Jolie conversation over at Jay's.

Ride Fast said...

Are your "tornado" sirens actually Carter air raid, formally civil defense, sirens?

Mad Saint Jack said...

My Grandparents (RIP) lived just off Euclid on a street called Ridgehill Rd.