Thursday, September 18, 2008

cool like me!

If you listened to Gun Nuts last Tuesday, you probably heard that I have a "Guns Save Lives" bumpersticker on the back of my vehicle. (Yes, yes, okay. A minivan. There, I said it. A minivan, and I don't even have kids. Happy now?)

I'm sure you've all been wondering where you can get a sticker like mine just so you can put it on your bumper and drive around spreading the good word and scaring some people in the process. Look in your rearview mirror and watch the face of the driver behind you while you're both stopped at a red light - it's loads of fun, trust me. Well, until a police car pulls up behind you - that can be a little nerve wracking. (I kept my hands on top of the steering wheel the entire time he was running my license. He came back with a grin and let me off with a warning.)

I got my sticker for free (thanks to my good friend ClintK in Virginia), but by visiting the VCDL website and following some simple instructions, you can get yours for only $1! Buy a bunch and give them to all your gunnie friends because you never changing a mind, you really might just save a life.


kaveman said...

About 2 weeks ago I was stopped at a red light and a pickemup truck stopped behind me.

I could see the NRA logo in his back window and his eyes where looking at my NRA, GOA, CCRKBA, JPFO, OFF, and NAHC decals.

When the light turned green, he pulled up along side me and offered a simple nod and wave. I waved back and we went our seperate ways.

Since about 1/4 of my back window is covered in stickers, I usually get that reaction, or people are careful not to tailgate me.

And for a $25 donation to the state sheriff's association, they sent me an honorary Oregon State Sheriff's Assoc decal which, along with my CCW permit, has already gotten me out of 2 speeding tickets where I was guilty as hell.

Rabbit said...

I picked up some stickers this month which have Heinlein's words on armed/polite societies. Interestingly, it was the Wife who wanted one for her vehicle. I'm pleased to say that we each have one on our respective windows now.

Yep, we always wave when we see folks who have gunny stickers on their vehicles.

Just being polite, y'know?


Anonymous said...

I have two decals on my truck.

One is a duplicate of my fire department shoulder patch.

The other is a peace sign from - it says "Peace Through Superior Firepower". It makes hippies cry.

Clint said...

Thanks for the endorsement, Breda. The bumper stickers are very popular here in VA among the ranks of the VCDL.

I must say, though, my favorite story involving the GSL stickers can be found here:

Ted said...

I was driving to the range with #2 son, and got pulled over (yes, it was a fair cop, the Jeep likes to go fast). The Jeep has one of Bruce's "Save Darfur; Send Rifles" bumper stickers.

Officer asked me how fast I was going (not sure why, because he told me).

He came back after running the license, and let me off with a warning. As he was turning to leave, he gave a wink to #2 son, and said "Nice bumper sticker, sir."

So gunblogging will save you from a ticket. I have proof.


GeorgeH said...

"There, I said it. A minivan, and I don't even have kids"

You do know that dust bunnies and fast food wrappers can spontaneously mutate to form children in the atmosphere under a minivan seat don't you?

Ride Fast said...

Although mini-vans can be very utilitarian (and your bumper sticker is a nice touch) it should really have flames graphics on it somewhere.

Skull graphics are nice, too.

Earl said...

I have a "Motorcycles Start Seeing them" sticker and a "Support Our Troops" magnetic ribbon, on my minivan. But then the Sergeant Major's Sticker on the Post Tabs, the 82nd Airborne license plate holder on the front plate and the Crossed Cannons (Artillery) Master Paratroopers Badge, and Command Sergeant Majors Decals layered on the Center of the back window probably tell more about me than anyone would ever need to know. I still get speeding tickets when they are needing them paid.

Minivan carries many more weapons and much more ammunition than my Trusty Triumph - nothing to be thought about - load up and get to the range and start shooting.