Thursday, September 18, 2008

Okay, that's it. I have had ENOUGH.

Let me be the first to openly say this to the Left, because I simply cannot contain myself anymore. I'm even going to put it in large bold letters, just so it's very, very clear.


When you take money from the rich and give it to the poor, you only encourage people to be poor. Then the poor keep voting to give the government more and more power, willingly giving up their rights, because they rely on the government to care for them. Government loves this because all it really wants to do is control the people. This is also commonly referred to as wealth redistribution. You know who is really, really good at forced wealth redistribution? SOCIALISTS and COMMUNISTS. And despite lots of good intentions and far too many attempts, history tells us that it never ends well.

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Jay G said...

Preach it, sister Breda!

TOTWTYTR said...

You have stated it perfectly, with one slight exception. I'm not convinced that it starts out with good intentions.

Rustmeister said...

I always thought patriotism was placing your hand over your heart during the National Anthem, or maybe wearing an Amercian flag lapel pin.

Gosh, I must be stupid.

raven_albion said...

I dunno, I'm really appreciating how my taxpayer dollars are now going to bail out [AIG, Lehman, or insert other giant investment house that made investment decisions of such monumental stupidity that the whole sector is busy melting into a pile of goo as we write here]. Talk about redistribution of wealth!!

Anonymous said...

Color me cynical, but I think we're on the downhill slide as a country. Consider:

1. Government is now "responsible" for bailing out failing companies, in the process taking them over. In the case of the big mortgage lenders, government is a big part of the problem: by mandating that the banks adopt feel-good social programs that fly in the face of sensible economic policies (i.e. forcing banks to lend to people who can't pay back the money), government set up the banks to fail.

2. The feds are also responsible for just about everything else that might cause us grief. Witness how the feds were tripping over themselves to prepare for the recent hurricanes because they caught so much hell for "dropping the ball" after Katrina. HELLLLLLOOOOO! What the hell use are governors and mayors, then? What's next? FEMA and the Army have to come around to board up peoples' windows, sandbag their houses, pack their bags, and put 'em on first class flights out of the danger zone?

In short, we're handing over more and more power to DC at a breakneck pace. At the same time;

3. The media is increasingly brazen about their bias, which favors big government, statist, indeed socialist policies. Why do you think they are so in the tank for The Annointed One?

4. Free speech? What's that? If you can convince enough people that somebody is "lying" or engaging in "hate speech", you've got carte blanche to do whatever you want to shut them down. Well, if you're a lefty, that is. The left has demonstrated that they are perfectly willing to use the most odious thug tactics to achieve their socialist goals. When Ayers said that he regretted not doing more, this is what he meant.

I'm really starting to understand how it might have felt to be living in Germany in 1932.

Somebody, please tell me I'm wrong.

Jeffrey Quick said...

So, I take it you support the Slow Communists over the Faster Communists, since we see the Fast Commie in the video?

OrangeNeckInNY said...

It's all gonna come to a head...

aepilot_jim said...

Great post. Hope you don't mind I linked back to it.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

If there was only a candidate that had Reaganite attitudes of self-reliance and limited government and with a faith in American can-do spirit and ability to pursue their own happiness. Not to mention a resolve to oppose those that would intend to do this nation evil, either from foreign, or even domestic, sources.

Where would we find a candidate like that?

But I think you're wrong, Breda, on one point. I don't think Communists or even mere Socialist ever had good intentions. At least the ones that could do anything about realizing their power schemes.

Anonymous said...

Spot on. maybe you sugar coated it a little but spot on.

Bitter said...


His comment really only stands out when you consider that even in Biden's best year, he and his wife were only willing to give a whooping one-quarter of one percent of their income to charitable causes.

In the last ten years, when claiming anywhere from $210K-$319K in income, they were willing to donate only about $300 most years. In their most generous year (also the time Biden was running for odd) they gave just under $1,000.

It's time to be f*cking patriotic, my ass.

Anonymous said...

Communism and Socialism are very different. I agree with you that communism does not end well. Before saying socialism does not end well, I suggest you take a look at the world today and count how many countries are socialist. And how well they're doing.

Maybe it isn't the best option for the US, that's fine. But a large, broad statement that "socialism never ends well" is very ignorant.

Breda said...

Do you mean to say that socialist countries like Bangladesh, Egypt, Guyana, India, Sri Lanka, Syria, Tanzania, etc are doing well?

Give me a break.

Old NFO said...

He is so full of *it*... That is just an unbelieveable statement to make. Paying more taxes has NOTHING to do with patriotism, actually serving your country in a productive fashion without material gain is patriotism.

TOTWTYTR said...

India is doing well, but I wouldn't call it a socialist country.

England, Canada, Australia, and most of Europe are socialist states and despite what the socialists in this country say, most of them are in way more financial trouble than we are.

In fact, I'd say much of our financial problems are caused by socialist programs instituted by both parties.

When you encourage dependence, you just get more of it.

Bruce said...

Let me pre-apologize for my coarse language.




A real patriot would be assembling the masses, storming the Capitol, hauling these assholes out into the street and [well, use your imagination].

They talk about George Bush's "tax cuts for the super-rich.


After my wife and I got married in 1999, we sold the small condo she had purchased earlier and used the profits on that sale as a down payment on a two-family house in Boston.

Note: If we were among "the rich", we wouldn't have needed to buy a two-family house. As it was, though, we needed the rental income to help pay the mortgage.

Seven years later, when we decided to move to New Hampshire, we converted the apartments to condos and sold them, giving us the money we needed to make a down payment on our new home.

Our capital gains tax on the profit of our rental unit, thanks to the "Bush tax cuts for the super-rich", saved us thousands, and enabled us to buy a better house and provide a better life for our children than we otherwise could have.

So, with all due respect [read: no fucking respect, whatsoever], Senators Biden and Obama, you can kindly kiss my ass.

You wouldn't recognize patriotism if it manifested itself in the form of a grand piano and crashed onto the sidewalk in front of you.

One more thing.

To all of you who stood and cheered when Biden said that ass-numbingly idiotic remark, WHAT THE EVER-LOVING FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE??????

That is all.

As you were.

Mike W. said...

Bruce - And yet Obama and his supporters will tell you that a capital gains tax hike "won't hurt the middle class."

Hmmm. The most valuable asset most people have is their home. Raising capital gains means anyone wishing to sell their home gets royally screwed. It's just wonderful for retirees who might want to sell of their house and downsize to somewhere smaller.

chrisb said...

Fuck you Mr. Biden. You wouldn't know a patriot if one punched you in the balls.

Please God, let McCain beat these fools. I don't think I can handle listening to such stupidity for four years.

staghounds said...

I hope all those cheering people enjoy their future.

Because like it or not, it's the future they're going to get. We demand it.

Until the next big serious war, it's more socialism all the time.

That's a prediction, not a hope. But face it- President Reagan and the "Contract With America" congress didn't even slow it down. The Republicans and President Bush passed more and more redistributive laws, and now the Democrats and Bush are buying AIG and FNMA for me.

Candidates who want to stop it, like Ron Paul, are jokes. The ones who just want to put it on the table and talk about it, like Fred Thompson or Chris Dodd, get nowhere.

Who exactly wants to change this?

I hate the $%^&* boomers, and their "greatest generation" parents, who made all this too big to stop.

Bruce said...

And, don't even get me started on the Death Tax.

1. Earn money.
2. Pay taxes on said earnings.
3. Die.
4. Pass what's left on to your heirs.
5. Uncle Sam comes along and says "Pay us again."

Immeasurably shameless!

Immeasurably Obama.

dr mac said...

"How do you tell a Communist ? Well, a comunist is one who reads Marx and Lenin. And how do you tell a anticommunist ? One who understands Marx and Lenin."

-Ronald Reagan