Friday, September 26, 2008

the audacity of Ahab

When Mike and I went to Indianapolis to meet some of our most favorite bloggers, Mike came away so impressed with Ahab that for about a week after, he kept talking about how Ahab should be president some day.

"He's intelligent, good looking, well spoken, charismatic, he's correct politically, he'd put a shooting range in the White House...he'd be perfect. We should start the campaign today!"

Now it seems Mike has another reason.

A vote for Ahab is a vote for a new, more awesome America!

(thanks to graphics ninja Robb Allen for the terrific logo.)


cocked and loaded said...

I like his idea of change.
He has my

Wai said...

He's got mine too!!

Zdogk9 said...

I seem to recall that T.R. had a pistol range in the basement.

Earl said...

Watching the debate, what a poor performance we are getting - McCain talks his record, Obama talks around what is going on, and how much he will pay for your votes.

The Moderator wants the HOT BUTTON of FINANCIAL CRISIS discussed.

If Ahab could only get enough write in's to beat both of them. Go get it!