Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Indy! (pt 2)

I've got some photos from our wonderful visit to Indianapolis for the October Blogmeet, so I thought I'd share.

The five and a half hour drive down is a bit tiring for us, so we felt very lucky to have been invited to stay the night at Home on the Range blogger Brigid's house. She is a lovely, warm hostess and her home is welcoming and cozy. Perfect for guests and so much better than a hotel. We can't thank her enough. We arrived 20 minutes before we had to head out to the Broad Ripple Brewpub, so while Mike checked out Brigid's bookcases I brushed my hair and applied fresh lipgloss.
Ready to go! (note the new 'do..totally rockin' the white stripe!)
The gunbloggers usually take up a whole section of the brewpub so we're always sure to tip the waitress well. There was a good showing of readers this time, which we bloggers love. It's so cool to finally meet the people who leave comments. RobertaX has a list of attendees.
I ordered the famous scotch eggs - hardboiled eggs, surrounded by sausage, then breaded and deep fried. Surprisingly good, but needed hot sauce. I might start carrying around an emergency bottle of tabasco. (by the way, Mark Alger took a photo of me taking this photo, liveblogged it directly from the blogmeet, and then my buddy Caleb & I commented from the blogmeet! Ah, you kids and your crazy technology.)
After (quite) a few beers, a lot of laughs, many great conversations and even some fun prizes, sadly, the blogmeet broke up. I really think we should consider a Blogweekend or something - with shooting and BBQ and more beer. (In that order, please.) We went back to Brigid's where I got some serious smooching from Barkley, who is just the funniest, most expressive dog ever. I had brought him one of those dessicated pig's ear treats so I was now officially one of his bestest friends ever.

Mike tried his Jedi mindtrick on a very excitable Barkley. It usually calms screaming babies and easily hypnotizes cats (& one time he tried it on me...I woke up the next morning kind of bleary, with a ring on my finger. Hey. Wait a minute.) But black labs, apparently, are immune to Mike's powers.
Mike also played with Brigid's rifles. We stayed up a bit longer, chatting and having tea but it was getting late, and there was an enormous soft bed and a bubble bath waiting for me. (Yes, there are photos. No, you can't see.)Brigid left early for work the next morning so Mike and I hung around a bit with coffee and Barkley before we hit the road. The dog had calmed down enough so I could snuggle him on the sofa. (gosh, I hope he's allowed on the sofa!) And on our way out of Indy, we found the perfect breakfast spot. Guess what I ordered? With bacon, of course.

We had so much fun and are already looking forward to the next time (& I must remember to get a photo of Caleb and me together for the Gun Nuts page)! Won't you join us?

p.s. if you're ever near Ashland, Ohio, be sure to visit Grandpa's Cheesebarn and get the hickory smoked bleu cheese. Trust me.

(all photos can be enlarged by clicking on them)


Robb Allen said...

Hickory smoked bleu cheese?

I just died a little inside knowing that something like this exists and I've yet to experience it.

Anonymous said...

Mmm, I've been stopping at Grandpa's Cheesebarn since I was a kid visiting family in Lorain County. We always had to bring an extra cooler or two for cheesy goodness.

Best Havarti in the world, a horseradish cheddar that I can eat for weeks at a time, and best of all...

...fabulous bacon to boot!

Anonymous said...

Quoth The Breda: ...a bubble bath waiting for me. (Yes, there are photos. No, you can't see.)

What? No Pics? Awwww...

Don't make me post my own version.
I'm sure I could Google "naughty librarian in bubble bath pics" and come up with something...appropriate.

Once I photo shopped your head over the photo shopped Sarah Palin head I would have something worth posting.

Of course, I may want to move to Belize first. If you guys are willing to drive 11 hours just to have some beer and a sausage...thing, I don't live far enough away to feel safe..

Word verification PSYNY. Strangely appropriate.

Home on the Range said...

It was wonderful to have you two stay, and glad you enjoyed the giant Jacuzzi tub and king sized sleigh bed (only the best for my shooty friends). Barkley misses you, and the pigs ears. Tam feeds him those too. I being a Scot cheapskate give him Milkbones. He may defect soon.

You found Flapjacks! Isn't it good? Freedom Toast. yummm. And their crepes are really good.

Yes, a weekend sometime, so much to do and see, and always a welcome spot for you and Mike at the Range. You looked good holding that Mauser like object - you need to get one. :-)

Dingo said...

I'm only 6 minutes from the eagle creek pistol range. We have a great outdoor fireplace and a full bar downstairs. I'd be more than happy to host the Indy Blog weekend. (we even have a couple of extra bedrooms and 3 couches for weekend guests.)

Roberta, you're great at putting these together.

Kerry (and Barbara)
Verificatin word: amitrot - I had that once and spent a lot of time in the bathroom.

Anonymous said...

I was looking at Mark Alger's photo again and I just noticed Tam is in the gunfighter seat.

How cool is that?

Col. Milquetoast said...

Scotch eggs are brilliant. Weird but brilliant. What is the white stuff served with them?

I don't care for the white stripe - It doesn't look bad but I think it makes you look... um trying to think of a euphemism that won't make you mad... uh, more distinguished than you really are. Not that there is anything wrong with looking uh, more distinguished.

HollyB said...

I am teh jealous! We've had one blog meet here in N.TX. LaP graciously hostessed in June. It was TEH KEWL>

As for that white's so lovely. I remember when my hair was beginning to go Silver...I told folks it was "frosted" by Mother Nature.*G*

Home on the Range said...

Love the white stripe, don't listen to anyone. With your attitude, and beautiful young fresh face, it doesn't make you look distinguished, only dynamite.

You bought Barkley pigs ears, Tam feeds him Pig's ears, I gave him a milkbone this morning and got a look that was "you cheap Bastard, where's the pork products!" :-)