Tuesday, October 21, 2008


See Sarah.
See Sarah kick ass.

Kick ass, Sarah, kick ass!
(Taking names? Joe Biden.)


chrisb said...

Complete pwnage. Please God, let her win. I want to see her take it to the Godless heathen Democrats for the next sixteen years.

Anonymous said...

Deadly with a blade, is Sarah Palin.

(Yeah, I've been rereading the Belisarius series. What's it to you?)

B Smith said...

Yup, I love that woman.

Rick R said...

I wonder if Joe feels like his butt has been kicked so hard that it's up around his shoulders.....


Army of Dad said...

The moment she walked out on that stage in Ohio I looked at my wife and said that McCain just sealed the deal and Obama will get his ass handed to him.

Love how she doesn't pull punches. Love it!!