Thursday, October 2, 2008

yes, yes, YES!

Sarah ROCKS!


Anonymous said...

Say it ain't so Joe.

Love her.

Jenny said...

I dunno about that Breda, honestly. I LOVE Sarah. I'll brave blizzards or bears to vote for her*.... even if it does mean I have to vote for whats-his-face to do it.

Plus, hearing Biden talk about the Constitution gives me the shivers - it's like listening to the devil quote scripture. It just makes me want to go get my own copy and wipe his slime off**, you know?

That said... I think Biden and Obama both are masterful speakers, and at least from what I heard [I listed to, not watched, the debates***] - each turned in considerably better performances than Gov. Palin or Sen. McCain respectively.

I don't TRUST either one of 'em (or McCain either really).. but they sure do talk pretty, I have to give 'em that.

* And November in Alaska? Who knows, I might have to. :)

**It'll be okay baby. The bad man is gone now....

*** Shades of Nixon? That'd be ironic.

Justin Buist said...

That was horrible.

Granted, I only watched until 10:10pm, and Sarah seemed to be finally hitting her stride around the 10:00pm mark, but the first hour was horrid!

There was no structure to anything coming out of her mouth. It was like watching a 16 year old try and give a presentation in high school after they drank a couple of Red Bulls.

Seems like half the time she brought up Obama's Senate votes Biden was able to throw it right back at her with McCain voting the very same way. I suppose that's one way to drive home the "Maverick" image: Remind the voting populace that McCain votes like a Democrat half the time. Nice work, Sarah!

She was pretty solid when she got to talking about taxing oil companies though. That'll resonate well with the Republican base, eh? While Obama and Biden can only hand out lofty promises of windfall profit taxes on the oil companies Sarah Palin reminds us that she's the only one with actual experience in that field. Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot.

This election is a joke.

phlegmfatale said...

I disagree with the last commenter. I think sarah gave us a dose of what we've been craving: genuine change. vive le difference!

Gwyneth said...

I was fairly pleased with her! I mean considering the debate last week I was scared to watch and relieved to not see a train wreck when I did. I rather enjoyed her snarky off the cuff remarks (when she corrected Biden: actually the chant is drill baby drill, I giggled out loud). And was happy to see that she'd done her homework and spoke knowledgably.

I don't think it will be enough to pull her knickers out of the fire though. From all accounts (which I don't agree with) Biden "won" this debate as handily as Ob won the last one :(

Earl said...

Hmm, well I now have a couple of views of Sarah's performance for the media - beside the one I made after reading the entire Charlie Gibson interview with her - amazing what gets cut out. Anyway, nothing changes she is the only moose hunter on the ticket - Hemingway, Teddy and Buffalo Bill would hate me if I don't vote for Sarah - I so want to be loved. I really have stopped watching the debates - send me your position paper in the mail and I will read it when I get around to it.

Chris M said...

Only moose hunter on the ticket!?! What about the fact that she's the only Bering Sea commercial fisherman on the ticket? That's "Tough" with a capital T.

As for Biden's responses of "McCain did it too," well it's hard to refute the oppositions "facts" when they're fabricated on the spot.

Biden came across as polished, smooth talking, debonair, and totally manufactured. Sarah came across as one of us, somebody who will represent Joe America in the vice Presidency.