Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Oh, the hilarity. The coolest, funniest gunblogger types hang out in this IRC channel and...well, you'd just have to be there. And guess what? You can!

(Paul, you owe me 5 bucks. Oh and your quote: "...a spartan super-woman, but pocket-size for easy travel"...? I so want that on a tshirt.)


Paul Simer said...

The deal is "$5 for an on-air plug of"


Tam said...

Oh, jeeze.

I had somehow managed to purge the whole NeoNietzsche affair from my memory banks, but PDB had to bring it all crashing back.

Oy veh.

PS: Breda action figures would be cool.
My friends once threatened to do a Tamara inaction figure; it would come with a chair, a book, and a beer.

Earl said...

You know, those in the gun blogging world just know that you are dealing death with the new confident resolve of your Bersa, but in the library world we know that the steely-eyed librarian (especially the reference librarian - only the catalogers have less tolerance) quiets entire rooms full of boisterous folks with firm demeanor and maybe a quiet shhhhussh!

The firearm is to protect the rest of us mortals from the monsters, thanks for carrying.

Tam said...

Hey, when you release the Breda action figure line, make sure there's one with a flamethrower accessory, 'cause that'd be cool.

Paul Simer said...

The flames could shoot out of her eyes, maybe.

Tam said...

There would need to be a "Charred & Cindered Perv Near The Children's Section" accessory to go with the optional flamethrower, too.

Anonymous said...

I had somehow managed to purge the whole NeoNietzsche affair from my memory banks, but PDB had to bring it all crashing back.

He's the Hulking Hebrew, what do you expect?

The Old Man said...

She don' need no steeking flamethrower, she's one of us Cleveburgers.... The perv was MANUALLY mangled.

tom said...

I checked out the IRC channel. Paul owes me an apology. There were some interesting people and some circle jerkers, just like online gun forums.

Shan't be back.

Say "hi" to "paul" for me.

When the revolution comes, if it comes to that, his sort will be remembered un-fondly.

Another supposed "pragmatist" that is willing to throw others that are more fervent than himself under the bus.

In some quarters that would be called treason.

Passed the time for a bit, but in the long run, the people I tend to agree with that were there are people I get along with anyway.

Anonymous said...


I'm afraid I can't agree with you on the apology part. Paul was nice, and asked you to cease for a time, until we could discuss on it, your exposition, if you will, on your plans.

I'd had to run go punch a server that was acting up, so I missed your leaving, but you weren't forced out. In fact, you're still welcome. Just leave your legal planning at the door, please.

That's really the essense of a conspiracy, you know. Secrecy!

Paul Simer said...


I didn't realize that in your system of morality, asking someone to leave a chat after half an hour of bragging about felonies could be considered treason.

Here's a tip: The difference between a threeper and most of the "prags" is not where the line is, but how willing they are to fantasize in a public forum about killing people after that line has crossed.

Thanks for the quote, though. I was always told that if nobody wanted to see you dead, you weren't doing anything worthwhile.