Wednesday, December 17, 2008

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If you're not listening to Gun Nuts Radio every week at 9PM and joining us in the live chat, you are really missing out. Last night's show was excellent - lots of gun talk, information on the upcoming Shot Show and some really fantastic callers.

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Tam said...

...and my fantasy internet boyfriend called in again! w00t!

Ben Andrew said...

I enjoyed listening to Lawdog. He talks just like he writes.

alan said...

It was a great show.

And if you didn't hit the IRC for the after party you missed out on more AD and Lawdog stories.

mad saint jack said...

It's funny that Og called in to Gun Nuts stuck in traffic in Chicago. It could have been me stuck there too.

Sunday I drove to WI (thru Chicago) with my parents for my uncles funeral (not the funny part). on the drive up it was 50 degrees the whole way up.

The next morning it was 6 degrees. We decided to come back a day early because a storm was going to hit on Tuesday.

So Monday we where 3/4th of the way thru Chicago at the start of rush hour and we made it thru with out a scratch (or getting stuck) we where very lucky. Made it back to Cincy before midnight and 25 degrees never felt so good.

So in a very strange way it was good to hear from Og that we left at the right time.

WV: mater